Size. Stellar Pink® dogwood displaying fine fall color, 11/22/07, Nicholasville KY. foliage in mid-spring. The Stellar Pink Dogwood grows into a small tree, between 15 and 20 feet tall, and just as wide. It initially shows up as leaf spots and stem cankers. Additional information. Required fields are marked * Your rating Your review * Name * Email * Related products. Shop for artwork by JC Findley. A little about me: I was raised a military brat and lived all around the US growing up. This hybrid pink dogwood is bred from the same line as the Stellar Pink® dogwood developed by Rutgers, so it inherits outstanding beauty and disease resistance. Stellar Pink; Yet another good option is the Kousa dogwood. This dependable hybrid Dogwood tree will delight you with an abundance of starry pink flowers in late spring. To create Stellar Pink®, the only pink-flowering tree of the series, Orton crossed Japanese Kousa Dogwood with a red-blooming American Flowering Dogwood named ‘Sweetwater.’ Fast-forward to the 21 st Century, and a nurseryman named Dennie Hill discovers a variegated branch on one of his Stellar Pinks®. We value your opinion at Northeast Nursery and appreciate ratings on our products that help our customers find products suitable for them. Dogwood Stellar Pink. Examples of hybrid flowering dogwood include 'Eddie's White Wonder' and 'Stellar Pink' New selections and hybrids of flowering dogwood, especially disease-resistant forms, are appearing on a regular basis. Once the flowers fade, red berries emerge and remain until Winter. Buy Stellar Pink Dogwood Trees Online With Our Arrive Alive Guarantee. Be the first to review this product . Large, overlapping flower bracts cover this small tree in early spring. Developed by the Rutgers University breeding program, this is a stable mutation (or sport) of the popular Stellar Pink® variety of dogwood tree that is the result of crossing two varieties (Cornus kousa and Cornus florida). In case you find out that you have a dogwood tree with their leaves turning red consider using Pro Tree Prof Fertilizer as it is an all-purpose fertilizer for the tree. It has been confirmed in northern Georgia. A very hardy flowering tree that is an excellent additin to any landscape. Another named Galaxy is a wide spreading tree. If you have any natural areas around your property, plant your pink dogwood off to the side to make it really stand out. Purple Plunge Weeping Plum's brilliant burgundy leaves stick around from spring to fall. There are no doubt cultivars out there that I have not mentioned. See more ideas about Dogwood, Dogwood trees, Flowering trees. 1 for $37.00 1 Review. It is an outstanding tree for near the home, planting among shade trees, or anywhere in the garden. A viewer from VA This is an addition this year to a dogwood Grove I am starting, I purchased other trees elsewhere... Read more. Cornus Stellar Pink® Out Of Stock. Quick Facts. Reviews. The pink dogwood trees are slow growing plants and rarely reach a height of over 12 feet. But it only has moderate resistance to powdery mildew. Stellar Pink Dogwoods are a hybrid Flowering Dogwood variety that offer beautiful pink flowers on a vase-shaped canopy. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 2 feet from the ground, and should not be planted underneath power lines. In the nursery industry there are three predictable ways to grow Pink Dogwood trees and all three of those are via means of asexual reproduction. The Stellar Pink is an example. Be the first to review “Variegated Stellar Pink® Dogwood” Cancel reply. Dogwood; Exposure: Part shade/sun; Bloom Period: Late May; Fragrance: Notable Qualities: Reviews. Hostas are a perfect complement to your dogwood tree because these shade loving perennials perform well planted in large clusters underneath. Be the first to review “DOGWOOD STELLAR PINK 5G” Cancel reply. Pro Tree Prof Fertilizer comes with high nitrogen content so as to facilitate the development of new foliage. Farmer Johns Greenhouse, Farmington Hills, MI. Dr. Orton is most well-known for his hybrid kousa dogwood (Cornus florida x C. kousa) releases such as Stellar Pink® and Celestial®, and more recently the Venus® dogwood (Cornus kousa x C. nuttallii). Light . Related Products. Availability: In stock. Details. Growing 15-20' tall, with a similar spread, this dogwood exhibits strong growth and excellent resistance to dogwood anthracnose. Out Of Stock. “Stellar Pink with pink bracts has always been the leader in sales,” Orton said. All the hybrids are extremely showy … Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Fall is when it turns glorious shades of bright purple and pink, quite a sight! Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Size: 3 gallon. Qty: Add to Cart. Growing Pink Dogwood Trees. In the spring, this elegant, small tree boasts light pink, star-shaped flowers set against very attractive green and white variegated foliage.

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