San Rafael, CA 94903  [email protected] Richard Doughty, Chief Executive, Cutty Sark Trust. There is a reason the world's navies have prized teak decks for centuries. As is typical to most reclaimed material, common reclaimed characteristics for teak include seasoned checking, knots, oxidized nail holes, rafter notches, and mortise pockets. As these building aged and been torn down, the monsoons, humidity, and harsh daylight have weathered the paneling and beams with a soft-silver aged patina. The natural tight grain with thick fibers can be milled evenly without chipping or splitting, making teak a highly desirable wood for use in difficult conditions. Products include flooring, decking, posts, beams, stair treads, feature cladding, bridging timber and bollards. A metal drawer pull accents this nightstand, adding to its refined rustic look. Our Handmade Reclaimed Furniture is fully sustainable with FREE DELIVERY! Community Wood Recycling social enterprises stock a wide range of good quality, competitively priced reclaimed wood for all your DIY and building needs. tendrils of the branch that connect together to produce a neat irregular shape. Classic Teak RP is made out of teak scraps from furniture producers that would normally get discarded. We offer a wide variety of woods from reclaimed vintage structures, salvaged logs, and sustainably harvested trees. Wholesale Indonesia Reclaimed Teak Furniture. Burmese Teak & Specialty Hard Wood Manufacturer & Contractor Authentic Teak Wood Decking, Flooring, Paneling & Boat Decking for Clients Around The World GGI Myanmar is a Burmese Teakwood & specialty hardwood manufacturer offering high quality wooden flooring, decking, paneling, trimwork & all types of furniture for commercial & residential projects around the world. Beautiful, elegant, water resistant and recycled. Reclaimed Teak Branch that is curved and curled at the edges and hollow and torn in the middle like molt or perforated. £250.00. RECLAIMED TEAK FLOORING We offer a wide selection of exquisite wood flooring options made from reclaimed Indonesian teak, renown for its beauty and resilience. Sample About Us Call Us: 0161 7132605 [email protected] Login/Register £30.00 postage. The unvarnished wood, elegant carved legs, and refectory style base create a classic, timeless furniture piece, perfectly complemented by six of our woven Banana Leaf Dining Chairs with a whitewash finish for a classic look. Social responsibility for our staff and all our stakeholders, is an important part of ‘who we are’ and is a thread that runs through … Recycled timber for commercial and residential applications, custom milling and joinery. In other words Our company as Wholesale Direct Furniture, we design, develop and distribute with Factory direct pricing on our stylish, and quality furniture and also home wares. Phone the shop on 0131 551 6937 to place an order. "As well as providing a complete and professional service, Brooks Bros has supplied exceptional quality certified timber." This gave the Dutch the perfect building material with which to create a foothold in the region, without having to travel hundreds of miles, out of their empire’s borders. Often teak is reclaimed from flooring, large structural timbers and commercial buildings, which means that the reclaimed wood is taken from larger format pieces that allow for very nice finished product. PERMATA FURNI (Reclaimed wood furniture manufacture) Was founded by Mr. Erie Sasmito in Semarang Central Java – Indonesia, starting the company by restoring & finishing broken cabinets and dirty Old … Teak wood has a reputation of extravagance, beauty and strength because of its ability to stand the test of time, without losing its luster or beauty. Teak tree growth is fairly fast for a hardwood and a full grown tree will be established within 25-30 years. Each piece feels and looks unique. Tel: 01621877400 email: [email protected], Business Payment Practices and Performance. reclaimed vintage teak beams wood timber Granton, Edinburgh Rustic teak beams from Britannia Harbour. Teak was prized as a source of high quality timber for both construction of shipping and as a structural building material. Our Reclaimed Teak is sourced directly from colonial Dutch buildings in the south Pacific. 2" x 5" for £35 per metre. However, reclaimed teak furniture is just as durable and strong than the one that is made from newly cut timber. Our teak flooring originates as old timber, traditionally used in the construction of traditional houses and farm buildings found in Central and East Java. The patina can also be removed to accentuate the golden honey browns that are natural to the species. As is typical to most reclaimed material, common reclaimed characteristics for teak include seasoned checking, knots, oxidized nail holes, rafter notches, and mortise pockets. FSC Recycled Teak . 12 Mark Drive These buildings are carefully deconstructed and all the re-usable material - especially sound timber beams - recovered. Cutty Sark Project The patina can also be removed to accentuate the golden honey browns that are natural to the species. Teak has greater naturally weather-resistant properties than just about any other type of wood. reclaimed Purposeful and beautiful. BluBambu Living focuses on rustic, reclaimed furniture from Indonesia. We are happy to help you with any wood related questions.   (415) 441-7776 The reclaimed Teak used by KTT can be counted among some of the earliest wood planted by the Dutch. The collections we stock include the; Rustic ,Loom, Pieced Wood, and Timber cut collections offer mirrors is a … Features 1 spacious drawer and 1 open shelf. Arc Wood & Timbers has a world class, “by appointment only” studio located in San Rafael where we display a large variety of product and materials. From the blistering sun of the tropics to the frigid temperatures of the arctic, teak is equal to the challenge. Reclaimed teak is the perfect wood for enduring value, whether for an antique aesthetic or a modern look. Reclaimed teak is teakwood that has been used previously, but is re-purposed into gorgeous timber with a rustic feel and a lot of character.

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