15 Easy Jobs that Pay Well 1. Carpenter; Payscale salary range: $32,497 – $75,889. Now, more than ever before, people are finding side-jobs to make a few extra bucks. Dog Walker. Page 1 of 11. These are businesses that pay actual money for jobs. There are actually many different travel job opportunities to make money traveling the world. Love Your Job. 10 Low-Stress Healthcare Jobs that Pay Well. At £60,000 plus, a Chief Listening Officer is one of our unusual jobs that pays well. The relationship you have with your employer impacts how you pay taxes (and how much you pay), whether you have certain protections, and can even protect your paycheck. Maybe your job pays really well, but you don’t necessarily feel good about the work you do. While most people have jobs that sound familiar, some people have taken a different path into more unique careers. Some jobs are extremely stressful like an investment banker. Pay: $5 to $15 per hour. If you love spending time with dogs, walking dogs as a job is an easy way to make money. VIPdesk Connect. And the best part is that you won’t have to shell out $20k per year in college costs to land one of these jobs. As you can see, although these different types of engineering vary widely in their responsibilities, they do share some DNA. We tend to think of good jobs in terms of things like salary and benefits, but for many one of the most important factors is feeling like their job has purpose. ... are entry-level positions that pay really well. They use this connection to test how their content is shown in different parts of the world and make improvements. ), and explore jobs that pay particularly well. Not only are these jobs unbelievably weird but the workers get paid a ton! Job Description: Many of these jobs will keep you fit, but this job might just make you buff. CNBC Make It analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify 15 occupations that allow people to indulge their creative side and that also come with large paychecks amounting to … Foundation Program Officer. To help you find a fun job that makes your life more interesting, here I’ve got you a list of 20 fun jobs in the world that pay well. You’ll need a B.A., but it can be very meaningful to help decide which proposals or programs get funds from a foundation. The real difference is you’ll encounter slightly fewer infant car seats in the back. And if this year’s Sunshine List is anything to go on, these jobs also offer an opportunity to make some big bucks. Jobs where they’re able to make a real impact in the world, whether it’s by saving lives, educating the minds of the future, or helping people find jobs (like us!). Though high-paying jobs are at the top of many people's lists when searching for a new position or career, jobs that pay well are not important to all job seekers. Perfect! 50 Work-From-Home Jobs Paying as Much or a Lot More Than the Average American Salary The money can be pretty good but you're on your own. Average Base Pay: $110,263. There really are such things as well-paying entry-level jobs. We don’t tend to find ourselves in a meaningful job or volunteer pursuit by accident. Students who searched for Humanitarian Jobs that Pay Well found the articles, information, and resources on this page helpful. Here are 10 weird jobs people get paid a lot of money to do. Many people, over time, start earning well over that amount. It is the application of that instrument that makes all the difference [2]. Work from Home Jobs that Pay (Well) Every Day/Week. Electrician; Payscale salary range: $34,693 – $91,484 While understanding the differences is important, before you accept any job offer, make sure you’re clear on your employment status before your first day of work. Plus, for many of these jobs, this is the average. The truth is, you’ll have to work and put in the effort with any online job. Professional Snuggler. 5. 4. The pay, though, helps make up for worn-out feet. This list includes freelance, part-time, and full-time employment offers. You can get jobs teaching overseas, or even teaching classes online from your computer. ... Average Base Pay: $28,979. Posted on June 1, 2016 May 3, 2019 Author Andrea . Jobs that require travel and pay well, such as being an airline pilot, will offer you a chance to save up mega-money and to hopefully see parts of the world during your downtime but, in my opinion, these travel careers don’t have the same kind of freedom as being a digital nomad. Median annual pay: nearly $59k. 10 Certificate Programs That Pay Well These programs are cheaper and less time-consuming than college, and provide valuable career skills. Here are the 25 most meaningful jobs that pay well. Clinical Lab Scientist But from a personal, individual perspective, a job that makes a difference is a pursuit that moves you, that makes you feel you’re part of something larger than yourself. Apply now and get the compensation and the body you’ve always dreamed of! Well, the old saying that crime doesn’t pay might not be true after-all and for many people around the world, a life in crime actually earns them a living, and a very good one to be precise. At the very least, you’ll have to work hard to set something up in order to reap the benefits later, … In any case, there are a number of great side-jobs that you can find to make a few extra bucks. This makes the profession of a gym trainer glamourous as well as well paying. Highest Sunshine List salary: $189,343.77. And you’ve come to the right place because we’re about to tell you about them. However, it's still important to earn enough money to make a living, and there are luckily many unusual jobs on the market that pay well. You may soon regret not reading this earlier. If you are not the type of person who would like to sit all day doing monotonous things at work, there are a lot of fun jobs that you can find around. This not only includes people with full time jobs, but people who typically don’t have jobs, like house wives and college students. The best way to figure out which job is the best fit is to develop friendships with people in that field. As a paid product tester, you can test and review both physical and digital products. 1. If you have always been a fitness freak, then you can make it a source of income. The goal of an entrepreneur is to build a repeatable system that provides value with or without the owner. If you're looking for a way to get in on the side hustle trend, FlexJobs has compiled a list of 10 high-paying, flexible side jobs that you can do in your spare time. Try to come up with new styles of exercising and innovative strategies to stay fit and you will always have clients rush … Preparing bodies for internment is truly an integral job, and the pay reflects it; you’d make nearly $8,000 more than the U.S. average salary annually. 10 Cool Jobs That Pay Well and Will Not Get You Bored. Share Tweet Email. Stephen started on $13.24 (£10) per day, back in 1973. 18. In some ways, these jobs can’t exist without each other. Ferrari Driving Instructor. Online Jobs That Pay Well for Entrepreneurs. If you have good decision-making skills and a desire to make a difference, this could be great for you. Product testing is a fun online job that allows you to make money working with products that you already want or need. You can also check out lists of careers organized by other categories, such as type of position (seasonal, part-time, etc. English teachers are highly sought after around the world — and the pay can be decent. Here's some information on a variety of different careers, organized by industry. There are endless ways you can devote your life to animals especially in healthcare. There are many working people with odd jobs from smelling paper towels to snuggling with someone. If you’re looking for a way to make a bigger positive impact on the world, here are 10 jobs you might consider: 1. When you think of working in the medical field, you may imagine making life and death decisions in split second or delivering bad news to a patient. Home » Blog » 10 Low-Stress Healthcare Jobs that Pay Well. This is another customer service representative job that has you interacting with customers over the phone, online, and through text. These online jobs that pay are never “get rich quick”, despite what some sleazy internet marketers will tell you. All of the trade jobs listed below pay at least $18 per hour, on average. It’s work that fulfills you on a soul level and provides a sense of purpose. Recently, PayScale asked more than 2 million workers if their job makes the world a better place. Median Salary: $91,697 Education Level: Master’s 11. Nope, it’s not an oxymoron. For some people that's the best part. Here are 13 jobs that pay well and pay off when it comes to keeping you in shape. Here at Glassdoor, we make sure that searching for a specific job in your industry is seamless. 17. Even though this job may sound odd to you, many people pay for this service. Prepare to be surprised and amazed by the following job titles and their descriptions. 10. Median annual pay: $59k. Construction Project Manager. December 27, 2012, admin, 2 Comments. There’s dozens of different criteria that make up a true dream job. Here are six in-demand skilled trade jobs that made the cut this year. Chief Listening Officer. This job is already taken, but take a look at our other roofing jobs. The goal of a freelancer is to get good clients, do great work, and increase their value over time. Others are more routine like an accountant. Whether you want a career or you are simply looking for jobs working with animals that pay well, it’s clear that you want to make a difference in an animal’s life. In case you are wondering what you have been missing being a goodie two shoes, here are 15 illegal jobs that pay very well. We hope he’s had a pay rise since then! Median salary of the job: $69,430. Some of them are even fun. As an entrepreneur, you’re no longer working on projects for a set rate (or by the hour). But we also know that a great job is only as good as a sufficient salary. All of them have to do with designing something and testing it to make sure it works well. And while jobs that pay $20 per hour are great, keep reading if you’d like to make several times that, as these are among the most lucrative fields out there. Physician Assistant Physician assistants make up one of the most crucial aspects of the healthcare system, because in many cases they are the difference between medical care and no medical care. We present a list of 10 unusual jobs that pay well in the UK.

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