If you want the very best for your dog, feed him the very best dog food. Pet owners don’t really go to visit them, but they are a really important part of veterinary practice. Show notes available at www.caninecanceracademy.com/podcast-ep-17 Do you often wonder what your dog is thinking? Your dog will thank you. Dr. Kunst practices tele-radiology at home with her three crazy dogs and performs ultrasounds for veterinary specialty hospitals near her home. There's been a huge puppy explosion over the last six months, so I think this is the perfect opportunity to have my special guest, Dr. Melissa Bain on the podcast to help you integrate your puppy into your life and your family. In this episode you’ll learn more about: You Belong to Me. Dr. Culp is doing not only exciting, but also really important work. ‎As a curious pet owner, have you ever taken to the internet for more information about pet health? Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. If you hear prolonged intervals of barking, your dog may be communicating that it’s lonely and wants company. NO GAMING ALLOWED! You've come to the right place. She also has a PhD in clinical pharmacology and is a professor at Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine. Hemangiosarcoma is cancer that commonly occurs in the spleen of dogs and unfortunately is usually diagnosed pretty late in the game. In today’s episode, Kendra discusses how nutrition plays a role in her treatment, misconceptions that are really important to be aware of, as well as how she ensures that the herbs and supplements that she prescribes are as safe as possible. Each episode is only 7 or 8 minutes long and focuses on tips like how to stop your dog chasing cats or how to get your dog’s full attention. Dogs are one of the best friends you will ever have, but that doesn’t mean your relationship doesn’t take work. Today we are excited to have Melissa Bain, DVM, DACVB, MS, DACAW, professor of Clinical Animal Behavior at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Your Dog Wants You To Know This! Some people also call this holistic or alternative medicine, so Kendra will explain the differences in this episode. Why cancer is so common in dogs or how you might be able to decrease cancer risk for your dog? Here are 15 things your dog wants to make sure you know. I wanted to get her on the podcast because I know that there’s a huge interest in integrative medicine right now. ), tell the owner that you are a professional dog trainer and teach him how to train the dog correctly on the spot. Show notes available at www.caninecanceracademy.com/podcast-ep-15 Dr. Katee, inspired by a Women's Health article she read, discusses the things OB/Gyns want you to know but won't tell you. Sean gives you underlying theory and practical training assignments based in a more naturalistic dog training philosophy to help you solve the most common dog behavior issues. Don’t forget to say hello on Instagram @thecaninecaneracademy and on Facebook Canine Cancer Academy, Interventional Radiology: Hope For Dogs With Limited Options With Dr Bill Culp, How do you treat a dog when no options seem viable? Fear not! 02/13/2020 7:39 AM by Red Heeler Mom from United States. Listen to Your Dog Wants You To Know This! Stuff You Should Know is hosted by two podcasters who were formerly senior editors at HowStuffWorks.com, Josh Clark and Charles Wayne "Chuck" Bryant. Every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. Order you copy of Chars new book now at www.Barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com! The Dog's Way Podcast, with professional dog trainer Sean McDaniel, deals with practical dog obedience for real life situations. Your dog’s favorite smell in the whole world is… you. Dr. Marcellin-Little has some really valuable insights into what care is appropriate for what dogs, and how it can actually be more of a challenge for us as owners than for our pets. * Behavioral medications for dogs with generalized anxiety Today we are lucky to have Dr. Bernard Séguin, DVM, MS, dip ACVS, ACVS Founding Fellow, Surgical Oncology, Professor of Surgical Oncology at the Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University. Be sure to tune in. MEGHAN Markle has been praised for “breaking the silence around miscarriage” by Coronation Street star Kym Marsh. E019- Your dog wants you to know this dog trainer- A sit down with Forrest Micke Oct 1, 2018 Hey Everyone, thanks for listening to this episode of the No Bad Dogs Podcast … Or what options are actually out there for dogs? We often assume that our dogs are very similar to us, and in some ways they are, but they can also have very different needs from us. Today we’re going to dive even deeper into choosing a safe supplement, how to know if it's reliable, and different types of clinical trials going on right now. 2 Bringing things to you. So let’s find out more about what they do and why they’re so important from board-certified veterinary radiologist, Dr. Chelsea Kunst. We’re covering all of it in this episode with my special guest Dr. Your dog wants you to know she was bred to run, play or hunt and needs this activity in her life. Join Thomas as he teams up with dog trainers, dog lovers, dog enthusiasts and EVERYTHING in between to bring you the No Bad Dogs Podcast! When To See A Specialist & Get A Second Opinion with Dr. Lori Cesario, We’ve had a lot of specialists join us on the podcast, but do you actually know how to work with a specialist? Today’s special guest, Dr. Duncan Lascelles, is going to teach us how to recognize the signs of osteoarthritis in young dogs, so that we can give them the best possible care and quality of life. Lists. Everything Your Doc Wants You To Know. Any dog lover knows that their furry companion is part of the family. If you want to learn about what radiology can do for our pets, this will be a great episode to tune in to! Allergies are incredibly common in dogs, but many owners don't realize that their dogs have them. If you want a smart dog, you… Feed your dog FEED ME freeze dried dog food from TruDog and TREAT ME real meat super treats. But, more likely, she's getting older and her senses are dimming, and movement, noises, and shadows are now scary for her. Except that she and Dr. Corbin will tell you because that's how they roll. Claim it! Don’t forget to say hello on Instagram @thecaninecaneracademy and on Facebook Canine Cancer Academy, Veterinary Nutrition: Cancer, Supplements, & Probiotics with Dr Jennifer Larsen (Part II), Have you ever heard that kibble causes cancer?

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