A military pet is no different than a military family member. It was a huge relief to have the cats taken care of so well. If you're traveling across the country, you can check on pet-friendly hotels at. To help you find your way, here is some advice for how to transport pets between some of the more common destinations for military … The torturous inner dialogue within ourselves is, “Do I look, or do I wait?”. The pet … Military Permanent Change of Station Pet Shipping We are dedicated to PCS Services as Action Pet Express is operated by a former Active Duty Service Member. Clarendon NC to Frankfurt Germany. PET SHIPPING AND PET RELOCATION SPECIALISTS We provide a complete door to door pet relocation service, offering services to many destinations around the world. The NAVPTO requires some necessary paperwork to book flights on AMC or commercial flights. Gabi M. & Moose Island Pet Movers has a strong connection with our military members. Houston, Texas - Aberdeen, Scotland. Betsey S. & Joe She saved us a ton of aggravation! A pet's transportation is another item on your PCS list between the changes of address, the packing, the movers, and the other arrangements for the family. For more information and help with pets and the general moving process, contact the nearest Navy Passenger Transportation Officer (NAVPTO). The VA loan limit for 2019 is $484,350, but it could actually be more in high-cost counties. If no pet space is available on AMC, the NAVPTO will book the servicemember and family on the lowest cost commercial air carrier and will do a courtesy reservation for the pet traveling as accompanied baggage in the cargo hold of the aircraft. We are settling in nicely, and Kaya LOVES her new home and exploring all the beautiful scenery every day! Pet fostering is a rapidly growing industry that provides short- and long-term care to pets of individuals who are in the military… Pet Air Carrier offers a military discount for families traveling on orders abroad. When military families are ordered to a new base in the U.S. or around the world, moving bills pile up. Phyllis Lockwood, Willowrun Great Danes We at Happy Tails Travel, Inc. are closely following the Coronavirus updates across the country and around the world to be sure that your pets and their travel plans are taken care of appropriately. As an alternative to air travel we are able to offer our By Ground Safe and Sound Service within the contiguous U.S. Pricing is based on distance/mileage and is ideal for large breeds, restricted breeds, multiple pet families or pets traveling to/from rural areas. This website uses cookies to enhance the user experience. Happy Tails did an excellent job transporting my high anxiety dog from California to Oregon as part of our family move. Circe is settling in well in our new home thanks to Happy Tails Travel, Inc. Explore FedEx shipping options and manage your shipments today! All over the United … This is why is it best to make a good plan and take your dog with you when YOU fly. Rules governing pet travel are very specific, and travelers should pay close attention to them and plan accordingly. Learn More My family and I were moving to LA and so we needed to fly our labradoodle, Emma. You or your spouse must book your pets as checked … Check on the type and size of kennel needed for overseas shipment of pets. When you’re living out of boxes during the holidays, sometimes you need to be open-minded about your game plan. When transporting pets, be sure to do the following: The idea of staging and showing your home over the holidays perhaps has you less than enthused. The first pet receives a $125 discount, and each additional pet receives a $25 discount. Some U.S. air carriers have already announced a "pet embargo" between May 15 and Sept. 15. She was delayed due to weather, but communicated frequently and sent pictures to set my mind at ease that he was safe and comfortable and well cared for. You and your team really do a great job for people and pets that need help. Every detail was meticulously seen to, and the driver, Mia, went above and beyond. Shipping that same pet on Lufthansa a different day as cargo can run into the thousands. I felt confident the trip was going to be easy from day one having you on the case. We can ease all your concerns during your pet's relocation. A 14-day travel window is required. At the last minute, the temperature soared past 85 degrees and the airport folks wouldn't let Emma on the flight. The good news is that, as opposed to civilian moves, military pet moves are pretty easy to handle on your own due to the resources already available. In fact, we are well respected in the area of relocating pets for the military family. Oliver was bring camera shy. If you are not yet a client and need assistance with your pets' travel plans, please fill out our Pet Travel Form for more information. We are a Veteran owned company, and most of our employees are also Veterans or Military spouses! Your pet must be present for examination. Required documents usually include a veterinary health certificate (DD 2209), which must be issued within 10 days of your departure and a rabies vaccination certificate (DD 2208). Make arrangements for transportation well in advance. Another program that can make a huge difference is the SPCA International’s “Operation Military Pets”. Chewy wants you to enjoy an introductory offer so you can help your pet enjoy great food, treats and supplies. A pet's transportation is another item on … STEP 1 Plan your shipment based on … Happy Tails Travel was such a huge peace of mind for me during this pretty stressful move. Thank you again for seeing this through from initial contact to a satisfactory ending for all. Depending on where you’re shipping from/to, this fee ranges from $425 to $950 for the first pet (which is pretty standard for the pet shipping industry). This pet travel policy only applies to travel segments and … Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell During the Holidays. Shipping Pets The pet must be at least 18 weeks old to ship to Bahrain. Shipping Pets When you ship your pet… Now they are gaining weight and enjoying their new home. Thank you so much for everything you did to help us, we are so appreciative. You and your pet's welfare are very important to us. At Happy Tails Travel we know a pet relocation is no small task. Relocation can be a challenge, not only for you, but for your whole family. Base veterinary clinics and animal rights groups can provide more information and help set up a transportation plan for pets. This must be issued at least 30 days prior to your departure but cannot be more than one year old. However, due to the increased needs of the military community, spots might fill quickly for professional transportation services. You know what this means... start packing! A pet can only be shipped this young if the first vaccinations, including rabies, are given at 12 … There were no other flights out in the next 24 hours and my family and I were scheduled on our own flights early the next morning. A simple phone call to check can make all the difference. Due to the rise in summer moves, many base vet clinics have extended hours over the next couple of months to help people who are taking their pets. When my husband received orders to Germany less than three months from his report date, we were unable to make reservations for our beloved family dog, Layla, to join us on the military … Shipping Unaccompanied Pets For information concerning permits or shipping of unaccompanied pets, contact the Frankfurt Customs Veterinary Clearance office at +49-69-690-78372. To read a recent client testimonial and her excellent experience with us during the Covid-19 outbreak. Here's our easy PCS 101... IRRRL stands for Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan,also known as a "Streamline" or a "VA to VA" loan. Thank you so much Happy Tails Travel & Kim! A distinct advantage of using your VA loan is that you may not have to pay some of the additional fees normally paid at... © Copyright 2020 Military.com. For more than 65 years, we've been committed to the welfare of all animals entrusted to us. If you are lucky enough to secure a cargo spot on a military flight, then you will pay for the kennel as an … The cost for pet transportation can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Some Pet Shipping Services will offer you a military pet transport discount of 3 % for all active duty service members. As an alternative to air travel we are able to offer our By Ground Safe and Sound Service, If you are not yet a client and need assistance with your pets' travel plans, please fill out our. If you are still interested in air travel, pet air travel is limited to specific routes and aircrafts and therefore there are not many options at this time. Mystie and Kaya Summer months are typically high travel months, and space is at a premium. Here are five great tips for ways military families can tackle their next PCS and still be smart about money. The pet is limited to a total of 99 pounds (including carrier). Pet owners are responsible for all pet shipment requirements such as documentation, immunization and country pet entry requirements. It was a very seamless and stress-free process. Right in your inbox. Find A Pet Shipper Member Login To process on-line payments International Pet and Animal Transportation … Pet travel may be problematic depending on the season. Pets between 71 and 99 pounds cost $160 per pet. Military Base Rates We are pleased to offer our military discount for the service of all active duty U.S. Military members, veterans and spouses. When duty calls, you must relocate. If you are transporting your pet to the U.S. from a foreign country, see the military veterinarian on your base to make sure you have all the information you need to get your animal(s) out of the country. Pets traveling from one country to another usually must have a health certificate from a veterinarian. Many pet shipping companies offer military discounts. We support ALL military branches and we practice strict pet travel safety standards during the entire shipping process, to ease your concerns and ensure your pet's safety and comfort during … Animals and pets will enjoy a safe trip with American Airlines Cargo. Pets may also have to be inspected by the customs service in the country from which they are departing. Thanks again, The kitties are happy in their new private room and get lots of lovin’ from all of us, especially our little grandkids. Thank you so much for everything. If the temperatures reach below 20° or above 80° Fahrenheit, your pet’s reservation may be canceled. A 14-day travel window is required. We do not store any personal details. Verify your free subscription by following the instructions in the email sent to: The creep of PCS anxiety is setting in. We are proud to have been able to assist over 1,000 military families and their dogs, cats, rabbits, birds … Diane M. & Emma Lexington, Kentucky - Bradford, New Hampshire. Round-trip from Seattle, Washington to Newark, NJ. Therefore, air options are extremely limited and cannot be not guaranteed. You can get $15 OFF your first purchase from Chewy.com, plus free shipping, through our special private military You can read more about cookies here. How to Handle the Holidays While Unpacking, Tips to Make Your Pre-PCS Househunting Trip a Success, VA Loan Limits for High-Cost Counties: Updated for 2019. Available to U.S. military personnel and their dependents, this special rate expands the existing military discount program, which already included 50% off all domestic pet transports. As a result of COVID-19, at this time only two domestic airlines are able to offer pet air travel within the contiguous U.S. Hi Bridget, thank you for the incredible amount of work you and your staff have done towards making the shipping of the two pups to Europe a reality. For many military families, an overseas duty station assignment means having to make the incredibly difficult decision of whether or not it is going to be possible to bring the family pet along. Oakland, CA - Portland, OR. Carry health and rabies certificates with you. Military Relocation Services with uShip If you or your spouse have just received your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, it is time to start your military relocation. Who has the time to make arrangements for a military pet relocation? The military does not compensate you for moving a pet so be sure to save up in advance. Here is a pic of Smokey Lonesome and one of beautiful Bianca- she’s winking and trying to tell you she had a fabulous trip from KY to NH! We can handle all Local - National - Overseas/International Pet Shipping Arrangements. If air is an option for your pets, they may require additional transportation to get to and from airports which can accommodate pet travel. We were freaking out! To get your pet moving right away, please submit a Pet Travel Form.

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