Months with least sunshine are January and December (Average sunshine: 4). Answer 1 of 5: We are traveling to santorini September 8 and staying for five days. During the winter months, the island becomes much quieter; and although temperatures are cooler than during the summer, they are still relatively mild compared to the UK at this time of year. Situated in the north west of the island, Amoudi Beach is located within a small fishing village and is perfect for swimming. September in Santorini, Greece is slightly quieter than July or August, but the weather is just as fantastic. The restaurant's speciality is certainly the seafood and fish dishes, all of which are cooked to order. The Santorini Dive Centre offers a wide variety of scuba diving courses and packages, with something for everyone to have a go at from first-timers to experienced professionals. If you're in the mood for seafood, spend an evening at Taverna Aeolos. To help you choose the best time to travel, you can find climate data below on the weather in Santorini in September. The coldest month (with the lowest average sea temperature) is February (16.5°C). Consider visiting Santorini in the months of June, July, August, September, for the best beach weather.Also consider one of our other suggestions for September. If you enjoy hot perfect sunny days the best time to visit Santorini is between June and September. [5987], Weather Atlas | © 2002-2020 | Yu Media Group d.o.o. This restaurant has fantastic beachside service and is popular amongst celebrities. If you’re going in September you can look forward to high temperatures, lots of sun and not much rain as the long summer goes on. On the other hand, precipitation is most likely to occur on September 30th when it falls on 15% of days. Months with the highest average low temperature are July and August (22°C). In September, the average high-temperature is relatively the same as in August - a still moderately hot 25°C (77°F). The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is January (114mm). The average sea surface temperature in September 2020 for Santorini was 80.7°F.The maximum and minimum values were 79.0°F and 82.2°F respectively. Throughout this month, the relative humidity for Santorini ranges between 50% (comfortable) and 85% (very humid) almost never falling below 39% (comfortable) or rising above 95% (very humid).On average, the driest day of the month is September 1st, when the average daily humidity drops below 56% three days out of every four. The climate in Santorini during September can be summarized as warm and dry. With such an insignificant amount of rainfall occurring on such a small number of days, you probably won't even see a drop of the wet stuff during your holiday. At the end of the month, Santorini will be much quieter and prices in general should be cheaper. Families travelling with kids won't want to miss the chance to visit Escape Land. The month with shortest days is December (Average daylight: 9.7h). Daytime temperatures usually reach 25°C in Oia in September with low heat and humidity, falling to 20°C at night. During this month, the average temperature for Santorini begins at 25°C on September 1 st and gradually decreases until it reaches 22°C by September 30 th. Despite the small decrease, 11 hours is still more than enough time to explore the local attractions and work on your tan by the pool or at the beach. The hottest month of the year is August with an average daily maximum of 30 C and an average low of 24 C. Across September, the length of the day in Santorini is slowly decreasing, with a difference of 1:05 hours between the beginning and the end of the month. If we are going to take a sunset cruise is this going to be advisable or the sea will be rough? What's the Weather Like in Santorini in August. Located within the Kamari Shopping Centre, this cinema shows a wide range of the latest films, so you don't have to miss out on brand new releases just because you're on holiday. At this time of year you can expect very warm temperatures, practically no rainfall at all and sunshine almost guaranteed every single day. Months with the lowest average high temperature are January and February (14°C). Santorini Tourism Santorini Accommodation Santorini Bed and Breakfast Santorini Holiday Rentals Santorini Holiday Packages Santorini Flights Santorini Restaurants If you plan on hitting the beach during your holiday, you'll be glad to hear that the average sea water temperature for the beaches around Santorini is 24°C in September that's 1°C cooler than in August. Thank you Situated on the outskirts of Imerovigli, this complex is ideally located for guests who want to be close enough to enjoy all the action, but far enough away so they can relax in peace. There is a comprehensive a la carte menu available to choose from, but if you're really on a budget, you're best off choosing the 'menu of the day' which offers superb value for money. Is the weather still good. In this section, find the the weather forecast for the month of december for most popular cities in Santorini. You'll find all the usual beach facilities available here, including sun beds, Balinese beds, shades, lifeguards and beach bars. Months with the lowest number of rainy days are June, July, August and September (1 days). Santorini experiences its hottest temperatures and driest weather during the peak of the Summer holiday season in June, July and August. Showing: All Year January February March April May June July August September October November December There is usually 1 day with some rain in Thira, Santorini in September and the average monthly rainfall is 13mm. Annual Weather Averages for Santorini Average Temperature in Celsius January February March April May June July August September October November December 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Months Temperature Celsius Average High/Low Temperatures by Month January in Santorini: The weather is cold, and windy. Slide and Tap for more Santorini Weather Averages. Some of the artefacts on display include seamen's chests, figureheads, drawings, old maritime equipment, models of sailing vessels and an extensive library. During this month, the average temperature for Santorini begins at 25°C on September 1st and gradually decreases until it reaches 22°C by September 30th. With average temperatures as warm as these, you'll need to pack plenty of light and airy clothing to ensure you're comfortable during your holiday. Last updated today at 23:00. Months with the lowest UV index are January and December (UV index 2). Daily highs and daily lows follow the same pattern, dropping from 28°C to 25°C and from 22°C to 19°C, respectively, as the month develops. Thank you Santorini’s an archipelago of five volcanic islands in the southern Aegean, some 200km southeast of mainland Greece. Days are usually hot with balmy evenings, so visitors should pack light and cool clothing. These predictions are probabilities for the month of december from weather reports for many years. Many people are under the impression that if they come to Santorini in the winter, they will not be able to find food and water. Temperatures can sometimes feel rather cool on an evening especially if there is a sea breeze blowing so consider bringing a thin jumper or cardigan. The average daily maximum is 28 C and the average daily minimum is 22 C. This family-friendly entertainment centre is suitable for visitors of all ages and is comprised of various games which are sure to keep everyone entertained. When you travel to Santorini in September you can expect: from time to time rain, on and off thunderstorm and expect hot and full of sun weather. Weather Atlas: Santorini, Greece - September weather forecast and climate information. The average sea temperature around Thira, Santorini in September is 24°C. The month with the highest number of rainy days is December (12 days). Driest months (with the lowest rainfall) are July and August (1mm). There's also a bar available onsite where parents can enjoy a coffee, cocktail, beer, glass of wine or soft drink whilst the kids play. Guests are encouraged to enjoy all the amenities and services available onsite, including swimming pool, solarium, pool bar, free parking, free WiFi access and concierge. Santorini is situated in Mediterranean climate zone that typically has warm or hot summer with mild rains and soft but rainy winter. The island is really quiet with no tourists. Depending on a person's sensitivity to cold, with regards to sunshine, wind, and air temperature, a quick swim in 24.6°C (76.3°F) water may be enjoyable. Santorini has only a very few cloudy days before September. There is also an extensive wine list available, which is sure to please even the most discerning wine lover. If you're flexible and can travel outside of the school holidays, you're best off visiting the island toward the end of the month, when the families have gone back home. There are plenty of services and facilities available to take advantage of onsite, including restaurants, bar, yoga classes, swimming pool, WiFi access, free parking and excursion booking. Holidaymakers interested in trying the infamous Greek mezze should spend an evening at Melitini. September is in the fall / autumn in Santorini and is typically the 4th warmest month of the year. Months with most sunshine are June and July (Average sunshine: 13h). Climate in Santorini in september Climate in Fira in september In the month of september, maximum temperature is 81°F and minimum temperature is 77°F (for an average temperature of 79°F). If you don't want to share your dinner, you'll be pleased to hear that there is also an extensive a la carte menu available to choose from. The climate is quite nice here in september. Coldest months (with the lowest average low temperature) are January and February (9°C). If we are going to take a sunset cruise is this going to be advisable or the sea will be rough? December and January are the coldest ones with average temperatures of 13°C/55°F and 12 °C/54°F. When the weather is a bit overcast, while away a few hours by visiting the Villaggio 3D Cinema. If you’re going in October you’ll have cooler temperatures compared to the height of summer, although the weather’s still warm and you’ll get lots of sunshine. This hotel offers superb accommodation for a very reasonable price. Weather in Santorini in december 2020. Based on weather reports collected during 2005–2015. Please advise what kind of clothes do we need in this weather? Any comments woujld be appreciated. July and August are the hottest months in Santorini, with an average temperature of 26°C/79°F. As the month develops, the likelihood of rain falling increases. Hope this will help you plan your holidays! Cyclades Tavern Restaurant is a superb choice for an affordable dining option. The average temperature in Santorini in September is about 25 degrees Celsius or about 77 Fahrenheit, but usually you get more than that and it feels even warmer because it’s mostly sunny. September, the first month of the autumn, in Santorini, is still a warm month, with average temperature ranging between max 25°C (77°F) and min 20°C (68°F). Santorini. In the primary tourist season between May and September, the weather is generally pleasant and warm with the occasional exception. Answer 1 of 2: Hello, Is the 3rd week of September (dates 22-26) good for traveling or already cold? When it comes to a room with a view, you can't beat Calderas Dolphin Studios. There are normally 10 hours of bright sunshine each day in Oia in September - that's 83% of daylight hours. Averages are for Santorini Island, which is 3 miles from Santorini. Although you won't find any soft sand to lie your towel down, there are plenty of large rocks which warm up in the sun, making them perfect for sunbathing on. You can probably see everything there is to see in less than an hour, making the museum perfect for families with young children. | Resources, The white houses on the Island of lovers overlooking clear blue waters with small boats sailing, in Santorini, Greece, a small mountain in the distance, In Santorini, the average daily maximum UV index in. This eatery is labelled as a 'gastropub' and is highly regarded as being one of the very best restaurants in the whole of Perissa. On the other hand, there is a number of restaurants and bars available just a short walk away, where you can grab a drink or bite to eat. Courses available include open water diving course, advanced open water diving course, deep diver, night diver, rescue diver, underwater photographer and dive master, catering for all tastes, abilities and interests. How warm is the sea around Oia in September? How sunny is it in Oia in September? Santorini sunrise & sunset times for September 2021 Daytime maximum temperatures average around a comfortable 25°C (78°F), whilst at night 20°C (67°F) is normal. If you want to visit a museum during your holiday, consider the Naval Maritime Museum. Answer 1 of 4: We had a lovely week weatherwise in June this year and am considering returning September 14th to celebrate a special anniversary. The warmest month (with the highest average high temperature) is July (28°C). September, the first month of the autumn, is also a moderately hot month, with average temperature ranging between max 25°C (77°F) and min 20°C (68°F). Precipitation is least likely to occur on September 1st when it only falls on 6% of days. There is hardly any rain in September in Santorini Santorini Weather History for the Previous 24 Hours Show weather for: Previous 24 hours November 24, 2020 November 23, 2020 November 22, 2020 November 21, 2020 November 20, 2020 November 19, 2020 November 18, 2020 November 17, 2020 November 16, 2020 November 15, 2020 November 14, 2020 November 13, 2020 November 12, 2020 November 11, 2020 November 10, 2020 November 9, 2020 This bay is made up of soft black sand which gently slopes down into clear waters, providing the ideal conditions for children to splash about and swim. September 1st is the longest day of the month with 12:56 hours of daylight, whilst September 30th is the shortest day of the month with 11:51 hours of daylight. Here you'll find ten-pin bowling, pool tables, table tennis, dart boards, mini football tables and even a play area just for children. On some days the weather is so clear that, depending on the humidity of the atmosphere, even the mountains of the island of Crete, 70 nautical miles away from Santorini, can be seen. Across the month, Santorini is subject to an average of 10.8mm of rainfall, which is divided between two rainy days. You can expect warm, sunny days with little or no rain. The weather is nice and sunny during the tourist season, from April to September. The beach's clear waters are almost always calm, making them ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Here guests can choose between a variety of different studios which can each sleep between two and four people. On the other hand, the most humid day of the month is usually September 27th, when the average daily humidity rises above 80% three days out of every four. Santorini has a mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters. How many hours of daylight does Santorini have in September? Forecast - Santorini Airport. Santorini Airport - Weather warnings issued 14-day forecast. Daily highs and daily lows follow the same pattern, dropping from 28°C to 25°C and from 22°C to 19°C, respectively, as the month develops. September is a good time to visit Santorini as it’s less crowded but still has beautiful if slightly cooler weather. If a spa break sounds just like what the doctor ordered, take a look at the Rocabella Deluxe Suites & Spa Santorini. Located just a short drive away from Fira, this complex is overlooking the ocean, which means almost all rooms come with a sea view. Get the monthly weather forecast for Thira, Southern Aegean, Greece, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. The best weather in Santorini can be enjoyed from June through September when the sun shines in all its glory. At the other end of the scale, the coldest September day ever registered on the island saw temperatures drop down to as low as 15°C. If you want to be in with the chance of spotting a famous face, set your towel down near Sea Side by Notos. Santorini in September: What to Expect Santorini in October: What to Expect Weather in Santorini per Month – should you pack your bikinis or your UGGs ? Even though it only happens on an average of once every ten days, temperatures can sometimes fall below 17°C or rise above 30°C in Santorini in September. September in Santorini is influenced by Interior Mediterranean climate. September weather forecast for Santorini, Greece. Baking sun worshipers enjoy the flock to the island’s numerous volcanic beaches and caldera hotels. Weather in September » Throughout the month, Santorini enjoys an average of 11 hours of sunshine every day that's two hours less each day than in August. Months with the highest UV index are June and July (UV index 10). I have created weather charts with data from Holiday Weather. Situated in Oia, this restaurant is known for its mezze sharing platters which allow you to sample a selection of different Greek dishes as part of one meal. Accommodation is available in the form of superior suites, junior suites, deluxe rooms, honeymoon suites, and two-bedroom suites, each of which comes with its own balcony. Located in Akrotiri, this eatery is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves a huge range of Mediterranean cuisine, with a selection of Greek specialities thrown in, too. There is a wealth of facilities and services available onsite, including spa, fitness centre, bars, restaurants, boutique, swimming pool and yoga classes. If you are unfortunate enough to get some sort of precipitation during your holiday in September, it will most likely be thunderstorms, light rain, moderate rain or drizzle. The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 14.6h). Please advise what kind of clothes do we need in this weather? Unfortunately, most of the information is only available in Greek, so you'll either need to bring along a phrasebook or guess what the items are yourself. Answer 1 of 3: Thinking of going to Santorini mid September (11th). In recent times, the hottest September day ever registered on the island saw temperatures rise as high as 35°C. Thanks Does it ever rain in Santorini in September? Weather warnings issued. Agios Georgiosis another beach perfect for holidaymakers who want to have a go at snorkelling or scuba diving. You'll need beach clothes for the daytime, as well as swimming gear for when you want to cool off in the sea or pool. Accommodation is available in the form of senior rooms, superior rooms and deluxe suites, each of which is stylishly decorated. In Santorini, Greece, in September, the average water temperature is 24.6°C (76.3°F). Santorini Weather in September What’s the weather like in Santorini in September? The best month for swimming (with the highest average sea temperature) is August (25.7°C). I want to know it its still good beach and swimming weather at that time. When the film has finished, you can spend time wandering around the shops, enjoying a coffee in one of the many cafes or having a bite to eat in one of the numerous restaurants found within the shopping centre. Europe - Weather in Santorini in September - We are planning a trip to some Greek islands in early September. This restaurant is tucked into the face of a cliff and awards diners with stunning sea views which stretch for miles. September is a hot and very dry time for sunbathing in Santorini.September is a good month for swimming in Santorini with warm sea temperatures. When it comes to dining with a view, you can't beat Character. Since there is no sand at this bay, there aren't any sun beds or parasols either, so you'll need to bring your own if you think you'll need them. Whilst everyone feels water temperature differently, most visitors and residents will agree that this is the perfect temperature for all sorts of aquatic activities, including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and water sports. Located in the southern Aegean, Santorini’s a chain of five volcanic islands some 200km southeast of mainland Greece. Even if you're normally not affected by the sun, make sure you bring a pair of sunglasses and plenty of suntan lotion to avoid suffering from sunburn or heatstroke. General This is the wind, wave and weather forecast for Santorini Airport in South Aegean, Greece. The average daily maximum UV index in September is 7. What is the average temperature in Santorini? Weather in Santorini in September We are planning a trip to some Greek islands in early September. Day by day forecast. Here you'll find a menu full of starters, salads, pastas, risottos, meat-based mains, fish, seafood, vegetarian options and desserts, guaranteeing something for everyone to enjoy. At the other end of the scale, the lowest average wind speed of 5 m/s (gentle breeze) normally happens around September 27th when the average daily maximum wind speed is 8 m/s. Holidaymakers on a budget should consider staying at Pelagos Hotel-Oia. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, fishing or paragliding. Santorini National 7 day weather forecast including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind, visibility, humidity and UV Is it likely the weather would be similar? In September, typical wind speeds fluctuate between 1 m/s (light air) and 8 m/s (fresh breeze) almost never exceeding 12 m/s (strong breeze). Additional information. With sea temperatures this warm, September is a great month to try your hand at the water sports available on the island. Note to heat waves! Santorini Weather – September . Make the most of the last of the summer sunshine in Santorini by spending the day at Amoudi Beach. I want to know it its still good beach and swimming weather at that time. Just like July, August is one of the busiest months of the year to visit Santorini, Greece.During this month, high summer temperatures, a low probability of rainfall and almost constant sunshine attracts huge numbers of families and couples alike. Answer 1 of 5: We are traveling to santorini September 8 and staying for five days. The highest average wind speed of 6 m/s (moderate breeze) occurs around September 1st when the average daily maximum wind speed is 8 m/s. The fantastic clarity of the water means that you'll always be able to see the aquatic wildlife, whether you visit the beach first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. This attraction is located in Oia, inside a 19th century mansion and features exhibits and displays which delve into the history of Thira. The percentage indicates the probability of having the weather indicated. If you're looking for an icy adventure, visit Eureka in Canada, where temperatures never dip above double digits in September.

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