Just choose the one you like best and you’re set to go! I try to heap it up a little higher on the outer edges, because it tends to migrate towards the middle in my dehydrator. In order to make the fruit roll ups, the main base is apple sauce. If the lid is concave and does not slide off it is still sealed. Put on the lid and set the food dehydrator to 140F (60C). fruit roll-ups! This will make you probably 2 or 3 pans of fruit leather… meaning DOZENS of fruit roll ups … I always do that, whether I canned them last week or well over a year ago. Cut into strips (a pizza cutter works great for this job) and place on parchment or waxed paper. It will help to check it regularly—every hour or two at first, and more often later—and rearrange the trays so they all spend some time near the heat source of the unit. Next, pour the pureed fruit onto the trays. If your controls don’t have degree delineations, choose a medium setting. Jan 31, 2020 - You just need one ingredient to make applesauce fruit roll-ups -- and I bet you can guess what it is! 17 %, Passion Strawberry Fruit Leather - Dehydrator Roll-Ups. My dehydrator has eight trays, and each one holds about two cups of liquid. Dry by your dehydrator's manufacturer's instructions, until no wet spots are left. You can use the kind you buy at the store but I occasionally make and can my own. - Homesteading HQ | Pioneer Settler, 15 Dehydrator Recipes To Make This Weekend - Homesteading HQ | Pioneer Settler, Chutney Recipe | Homesteading Recipes - Homesteading HQ | Pioneer Settler, 14 Fruit Roll Ups Recipes That Your Kids Will Really Love, The Ultimate Guide To Every Skill All Homesteaders Should Have! I have used all sorts of fruit puree not just apple sauce. You won’t want to do this for days on end, but one overnight or work shift if the leather is already nearly dry will not hurt it. Next, use clean kitchen scissors to cut them up. Stick on a little piece of tape to hold it shut. Homemade Fruit Roll Ups In The Dehydrator I think my family is really starting to get me! While the mixture heated, I prepared my trays. Add 2 cups of applesauce to each tray. Add granulated sugar and cinnamon and mash. Applesauce Fruit Roll-Ups Text and photos (c) by Alice Alfonsi who writes The Coffeehouse Mysteries as Cleo Coyle with her husband, Marc Cerasini. Want to know make homemade fruit rollups? Turn oven on the lowest setting, 140˚F is ideal, and place mixture in for 5-8 hours, or until fruit leather is dry (not soft to the touch). Applesauce is easy to make and can. My experience with using outdated products is that taste and texture really do begin diminishing at about a year, so I try to use them up in a timely fashion. Applesauce is easy to make and can. Your choices will not impact your visit. It is done when the fruit is leather and no longer sticky to the touch. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. No need to dice. Homemade fruit roll-ups are the best because they use all-natural and simple ingredients, so you know exactly what you are eating. I promise, it will be worth it in the end. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. I encourage you to just try it. The dehyrating time varies depending on the fruit and can be anywhere from 4-12 hours. But give yourself permission to make mistakes and keep trying if you do. Another terrific thing about fruit leathers is just you can add any kind of fruit to the mix that you like. I did find a great way of making fruit roll ups with applesauce, that turned out great, but had to leave the oven on low for many hours for it to dry out completely. You will need to own or borrow a dehydrator for this project. You can make them whatever size you want. This is the time when you will be glad you oiled them first! So easy, in fact, that I sometimes get carried away. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. I love to have healthy and locally-sourced treats available all through the winter, and they are almost always gone by the time the next season for making applesauce comes around. You don’t have to add any at all. You’ll also be given access to exclusive offers on the latest homesteading essentials. It’s Recipe ReDux blog link up day and the goal this month was to create a recipe by dehydrating fruits or veggies. You just need 3 ingredients: fruit, lemon juice, and something to sweeten it. That’s pretty vague. For this tutorial, I decided to use seven pints—remember, two cups equals a pint—of canned applesauce. Spread in food dehydrator, or a fruit leather tray, or a plastic wrapped tray. Want more homesteading tricks, tips, and tidbits. You just need one ingredient to make applesauce fruit roll-ups -- and I bet you can guess what it is! Mom confession: my kids LOVE fruit roll-ups and we have occasionally bought them in the past. All you need to do now is roll up the fruit leather pieces, wrap them, and store them. This website contains advertisements. The recommended shelf life for home-canned goods is one year. ***See note. This is seriously the easiest snack ever to Ingredients 2 1/2 – 3 cups ripe or slightly over-ripe diced fruit sweetener to taste: honey, sugar, agave, etc. This is seriously the easiest snack ever to Any kind of sugar or sugar substitute will work, as well as honey or maple syrup. Most were unsweetened, but a few contained added maple syrup. If you come up short, add more fruit, or stretch what you have by adding applesauce. And unlike using fruit or jam or canning, it works just fine when it’s slightly overripe. The apple sauce, maple syrup, vanilla, and spices in this recipe create a sweet, chewy snack that tastes like apple pie, but without the calories. Your child is sure to be a star at snack time with these yummy homemade fruit rollups.

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