(2) Variations within the type, due to natural tendency to vary, local conditions and maturity of seed. It is a seed sown in good ground and bringing forth fruit, or in bad ground and fruitless (Luke viii. When it persists as a massive element of the seed its nutritive function is usually apparent, for there is accumulated within its cells reserve-food, and according to the dominant substance it is starchy, oily, or rich in cellulose, mucilage or proteid. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The determining cause of the formation of the tubers is not certainly known, but Professor Bernard has suggested that it is the presence of a fungus, Fusarium solani, which, growing in the underground shoots, irritates them and causes the swelling; the result is that an efficient method of propagation is secured independently of the seed. We should expect the albuminous state of the seed to be an antecedent one to the exalbuminous condition, and the recent discoveries in fertilization tend to confirm this view. The seed is dropped from a planter, five or six seeds in a single line, at regular intervals i o to 1 2 in. Germination sentence examples. The soil, it appears, is suited to the seed, for it has sent its radicle downward, and it may now send its shoot upward also with confidence. Hull is the principal seat of the industry in Great Britain, and enormous quantities of Indian and Egyptian cotton seed are imported and worked up. seed definition is - the grains or ripened ovules of plants used for sowing. e, Skin or epicarp. Its nutritive pabulum is supplied to it in the shape of certain complex organic substances which have been stored in some part or other of the seed, sometimes even in its own tissues, by the parent plant from which it springs. Thus in the end of the 17th century the seed was sown which has at intervals brought forth recurrent crops of evolutional hypotheses, based, more or less completely, on general reasonings. On an average, £3,000,000 to £4,000,000 worth of wheat, about £i,000,000 worth of rye, and over £1,500,000 worth of barley are exported annually, besides oats, flax, linseed, rape seed, oilcake, bran, flour, vegetable oils, raw wool and caviare. With all these precautions the best seed time is often missed, and this usually proves the prelude to a scanty crop, or to a late and disastrous harvest. If we go back to the first instance cited, the embryo in the seed and its development during germination, we can ascertain what is necessary for its life by inquiring what are the materials which are deposited in the seed, and which become exhausted by consumption as growth and development proceed. The principal crops in addition to wheat are oats, barley, maize, linseed and bird seed. They may be propagated by seed (though owing to the rare occurrence of fruit, this method is seldom applicable), by division and by cuttings. in 1918-9.) The following form which Seeberg gives as the creed of St Paul is an artificial combination of fragments of oral teaching, which naturally reappear in the teaching of St Peter, but finds no attestation in the later creeds of particular churches which would prove its claim to be their parent form: " The living God who created all things sent His Son Jesus Christ, born of the seed of David, who died for our sins according to the scriptures, and was buried, who was raised on the third day according to the scriptures, and appeared to Cephas and the XI I., who sat at the Der Katechismus der Urchristenheit, p. 85. Seeds in which endosperm or perisperm or both exist are commonly called albuminous or endospermic, those in which neither is found are termed exalbuminous or exendospermic. If Israel alone among nations can meet the Assyrian with the boast "with us is God," the reason is that in Zion the true God is known' - not indeed to the mass, but to the prophet, and that the "holy seed" 2 or "remnant" (contained in the name Shear yashubh) which forms the salt of the nation. Most people chose this as the best definition of pea: A member of the pea famil... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. How to use seed in a sentence. Through this is to come the victory which is denied to his life, as the seed cast into the ground and dead brings forth fruit. : If you try in any way you can to kick their legs out from under them in the name of tough love, well, you reap what you sow. On the other side, you can also make Seed sentence in Urdu as several English words are also used in the English language. 2. He basically followed old agriculture; he planted a lot of seed and hoped for rain. She grew all the broccoli plants from, 23. Commercial cubebs consist of the dried berries, usually with their stalks attached; the pericarp is greyish-brown, or blackish and wrinkled; and the seed, when present, is hard, white and oily. The plant world falls into two great divisions, the higher or flowering plants (Phanerogams), characterized by the formation of a seed, and the lower or flowerless plants (Cryptogams), in which no seed is formed but the plants are disseminated by means of unicellular bodies termed spores. Expression was more obvious in aleurone cells, the endosperm cells lining the maternal seedcoat. Propagation is effected by seed or increase of corms; the seed should be sown as soon as it is ripe in June or July. In Italy, as long as orange trees were propagated by grafts, they were tender; but after many of the trees were destroyed by the severe frosts of 1709 and 1763, plants were raised from seed, and these were found to be hardier and more productive than the former kinds. Both bear their round or ovoid male catkins at the ends of the slender terminal branchlets; the ovoid cones, either terminal or on short lateral twigs, have thick woody scales dilated at the extremity, with a broad disk depressed in the centre and usually furnished with a short spine; at the base of the scales are from three to seven ovules, which become reversed or partially so by compression, ripening into small angular seed with a narrow wing-like expansion. In the sequel Irenaeus recites the Invocation read by Marcus before the communicants: " Grace that is before all things, that passeth understanding and words, replenish thy inner man, and make to abound in thee the knowledge of her, sowing in the good soil the grain of mustard seed.". for the purpose of … The seed is enclosed when ripe in the fruit, a development of the ovary as a result of fertilization of the egg-cell. An excellent example of structures differentiated according to position is given by the appendages borne on the stem of an ordinary flowering plant-the one or two seed leaves; the stem leaves, which may or may not be differentiated into secondary sets; and the various floral organs borne at the apex of the stem or its lateral branches. Sentencedict.com try its best to gather and make good sentences. In the affitto, or lease, the proprietor furnishes seed and the implements. n. A young plant, especially one that grows from a There is a "summer" variety of colza which is sown in April and ripens its seed in the same year. 25. seed synonyms, seed pronunciation, seed translation, English dictionary definition of seed. Another parable compared the kingdom of God to seed which, when once planted, must inevitably germinate; the process was secret and slow, but the harvest was certain. In albuminous Monocotyledons the cotyledon itself, probably in consequence of its terminal position, is commonly the agent by which the embryo is thrust out of the seed, and it may function solely as a feeder, its extremity developing as a sucker through which the endosperm is absorbed, or it may become the first green organ, the terminal sucker dropping off with the seed-coat when the endosperm is exhausted. The exports are: - Cereals, cotton, cotton seed, dried fruits, drugs, fruit, gall nuts, gum tragacanth, liquorice root, maize, nuts, olive oil, opium, rice, sesame, sponges, storax, timber, tobacco, valonia, walnut wood, wine, yellow berries, carpets, cotton yarn, cocoons, hides, leather, mohair, silk, silk stuffs, rugs, wax, wool, leeches, live stock, minerals, &c. The imports are: - Coffee, cotton cloths, cotton goods, crockery, drysalteries, fezzes, glass-ware, haberdashery, hardware, henna, ironware, jute, linen goods, manufactured goods, matches, petroleum, salt, sugar, woollen goods, yarns, &c. that one live (germ) which was enclosed in the void was generated by the power of heat (or fervour); desire then first came upon it, which was the first seed of the mind. The only things living were a sow, her piglets, and some hens scratching in the dirt. Complete summary of Paul Fleischman's Seedfolks. Cotton growing under European direction began about 1900, with the result that in 1901-1902 over 100,000 lb of cotton grown from native, American and Egyptian seed were shipped to Bremen. It may, however, well be that both peach and almond are derived from some pre-existing and now extinct form whose descendants have spread over the whole geographic area mentioned; but this is a mere speculation, though indirect evidence in its support might be obtained from the nectarine, of which no mention is made in ancient literature, and which, as we have seen, originates from the peach and reproduces itself by seed, thus offering the characteristics of a species in the act of developing itself. Close to Celery Seed. If the lawn is thin in spots, these places may be raked over heavily and new grass seed sown. : The sugar industry is a lot like the lobbying industry, you reap what you sow. Libya was wasted, the Hittites pacified, Canaan, Ashkelon (Ascalon), Gezer, Yenoam sacked and plundered: Israel is desolated, his seed is not, Khor (Palestine) has become a widow (without protector) for Egypt. Farmers need to have supplies of seed, fertilizer, tractors, and fuel. The result of fertilization is the development of the ovule into the seed. In hot weather lettuces can suddenly run to, 15. If cabbage, cauliflower and lettuce are wanted to plant in cold frames, the seed should be sown from about the 10th to the 20th of this month; but judgment should be exercised, for, if sown too early, cabbage and cauliflower are apt to run to seed. A good average quality of seed weighing about 392 It) per quarter has been found in practice to give out 109 lb of oil. Ioo) clearly reveal the powerful revival of Messianic hopes of a national deliverer of the seed of David. 31 a enlarged in the breeding season; in the sparrow, for instance, from the size of a mustard seed to that 'of a small cherry. (WinterCotton seed yellow stearin.) The seed is sown in nursery beds, and the plants set out in the field later. A seed pod fell on the ground below the tree. To do something that ensures a certain outcome in the future, especially an unfortunate or tragic one. The screenplay by Gladys Lehman is based on a novel by Charles G. Norris. m,Flesh or mesocarp. phrase If vegetable plants go to seed or run to seed, they produce flowers and seeds as well as leaves. In Macedonia opium culture was begun in 1865 at Istip with seed obtained from Karahissar in Asia Minor, and extended subsequently to the adjacent districts of Kotchava, Stroumnitza, Tikvish and Kinprulu-veles, most of the produce being exported under the name of Salonica opium. The Gymnosperms, with the Angiosperms, constitute the existing groups of seed-bearing plants or Phanerogams: the importance of the seed as a distinguishing feature in the plant kingdom may be emphasized by the use of the designation Spermophyta for these two groups, in contrast to the Pteridophyta and Bryophyta in which true seeds are unknown. While the elements themselves do have importance, an … Seed Synonym. The seed of Phaseolus Mungo, or green gram (Hind. The following diagram, modified from one by Grimshaw, in accordance with the results obtained by the better class of modern mills, gives an interesting resume of the products obtained from a ton of cotton seed: - Products from a Ton of Cotton Seed. 미국/영국식 발음, 여러 종류의 출판사 사전 뜻풀이, 풍부한 유의어/반의어, 대표사전 설정 기능, 상세검색 기능, 영어 단어장 제공 The Church in its completed form was the outcome of a long development; if the seed was Jewish the environment was Gentile. It exists when two independent clauses (also called main clauses) are incorrectly joined.. More than one independent clause cannot exist in a sentence unless they are properly combined. In other species of the genus the seed germinates on a branch, and the seedling produces clasping roots, and roots which grow downwards hanging like stout cords, and ultimately reaching the ground. To guard against this competition, the export of tobacco seed from Turkey was prohibited in 1907. Attention has been paid in the West Indies to seed selection, by the officers of the imperial Department of Agriculture, with the object of retaining for West Indian Sea Island cotton its place as the most valuable cotton on the British market. In the feature of fruit and seed, by which the distribution of Angiosperms is effected, we have a distinctive character of the class. In cases where the embryo has stored reserve food within itself and thus provided for self-nutrition, such endosperm as remains in the seed may take on other functions, for instance, that of water-absorption. In 1703 Samuel Morland, in a paper read before the Royal Society, stated that the farina (pollen) is a congeries of seminal plants, one of which must be conveyed into every ovum or seed before it can become prolific. the earliest monuments: a more valuable variety, woolly with curved horns, made its appearance in the Middle Kingdom and pushed out the older form: sheep were driven into the ploughed fields to break the clods and trample in the seed.

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