Fortunately, our Floor Coverings International Downers Grove team can help you learn more about these species so you can choose the best option for your Downers Grove home. Walnut can have some amazing grain patterns that, while quite dark, can be extremely attractive when finished properly. This post was super interesting! Now, the faux wood floors have tones of walnut and the counter tops are white and I’m trying to do my shelves in something that will go with all the different tones but not be too matchy-matchy. That was one my absolute favorite! I would also love to see more, especially different stains on wood used for fences. I love seeing all these options! Without being in the space we can’t really say, but one thing I would do is find a piece of red oak that matches the finish of your banister etc. Guys – this is SUPER helpful! In fact, teak is famous for its high oil Birch Overview We did a very light sanding and did stain these inside. I love when you really get into DIY builder posts. Definitely going to reference this post for future stain projects. Durability is dependent on age; ranges from slightly softer than oak to similar hardness as oak: Walnut: Rich deep color with delicate grain and lots of character: Very versatile: casual to formal: Natural color is deep chocolate brown: Accepts statin readily: 22% softer than red oak: Wenge: Traditional to formal: Very versatile: casual to formal Thanks for doing this experiment and sharing! Would you do the simply white in a house that might be your forever house? All wood will scratch and dent. Reply. I personally like their water based Polycrylic. 3. A lot of similar projects can be completed using either hardwood. var rsLTKLoadApp="0",rsLTKPassedAppID="714598600"; This content requires JavaScript to be enabled, and the site or browser may be disabling it. In the picture with only pine boards, they look a lot darker and much less gray. We are building a house and trying to choose stains for maple cabinets and pine beams and French doors. Do you have an picture example you could link me too? Im looking for the perfect stain for my coffee table made of poplar. :D Thanks for the comparison – so useful!! It was extremely helpful. I really like this post and would love to see another post just like it, but with different woods and stains. Anyway – thank you again! July 16, 2014; [email protected]; Uncategorized; Maple and oak are two of the most popular types of wood we offer at Cherokee Wood Products. There is very little difference between the conditioned and unconditioned white and red oaks, but the other three definitely benefited from the pre-stain conditioner. :). :). Walnut can range from straight-grained to patterned. How about "what's are the advantages or disadvantages of one over the other--oak vs. walnut" Walnut seems to cost more, but I also heard that it dents and scratches more easily. Perhaps I should apply a double coat of Provincial to the stairs and floors to make it all match? Loved this! This wood NEEDS to be treated in EVERY application. That being said, I do love pine in those middle shades. Oak is also known for its strength and durability, as well as a high resistance to moisture and humidity. Which stain on which wood do you think is closest to West Elm’s pecan, like the pecan legs of their Drake sofa? The wood types we chose also are vastly different, ranging from extremely soft (birch) to hard (red oak) with undertones all over the map. Most excellent! My best guess is about $30 less coming out of my pocket which will cover door hinges, door pulls and the shelf pins….. When working with maple or birch, you usually leave the stain on longer to achieve a darker result. This is SO and great and helpful- I seriously loved reading this and studying the results. An oak floor is generally cheaper than a walnut floor because walnut is far rarer. Thank You, Thank You Thank You for doing this. Hi Maria! 8/4: 8.30: 8.20: 8.10: 8.00: 12/4: 11.75: 11.65: 11.55: 11.45: 4/4: White Oak: 4.35: 4.25: 4.15: 4.05: Eastern US; light to medium brown; Commonly used for furniture, cabinetry, trim, and flooring. The best wood for cabinetry is widely considered either red oak, poplar, maple, mahogany, or plywood.. Maple vs Walnut Butcher Block. Thanks for pulling this together! Thanks! Availability – Maple trees are fairly fast growers that thrive in nearly all parts of the United States, helping to make the wood both low-cost and environmentally sustainable. 10. I am restoring a significantly damaged Gunn barrister bookcase….in oak….and your comparison has helped me finalize my choice! Every wood species benefitted greatly from the conditioner with this stain. After reading so much about poplar being “homely”, I thought it would behave closer to pine. Hard maple dulls ordinary woodworking equipment, resulting in burns and sometimes binding. The effect can change not only from stain to stain, but from wood species to wood species and even from one board to another within the same wood species. However, walnut tends to be more expensive than oak, because of its benefits and advantages, but still a very popular option. But if it’s red oak, you could purchase a red oak board from Lowe’s and do a bunch of tests on your own to get the color right. nice contrast and similar in qualities. At first I was planning on pine because it’s cheaper…just not sure which stain to use…then I thought I would spend a little more and get red oak…now I have come here and I’m not sure if I want poplar, white oak, or red oak. Bravo! It took down the intensity and gave it a softer, slightly aged look. Best practice would be to get a piece of walnut and do some tests. My husband and my new contractor think I’m nuts. Easy to work with. Infact, the grain in some of the boards take on a blue/gray colour. Great post. Why would they do that and not stick with white oak??? Walnut is considered to be a little bit harder than oak. June 30, 2015 at 2:07 pm ... White Oak is in there twice with two different measures. I really appreciate the effort put into this and the comparisons are really useful. I am definitely sharing this post with my clients. However, walnut is softer than oak, so this flooring isn't for everyone. Thank You! A quick guide to the processes and the differences between quarter sawn oak wood and flat, or plain, sawn oak wood. Both are very nice woods. This was such a great post! Black Walnut is the most expensive North American hardwood, and it’s prized for woodworking. Very helpful. Super helpful! That Time I Got To Tour The HGTV® Dream Home,, Add Minwax Ebony color stain to this experiment! Not only does the hardness effect how a wood will accept stain (harder woods tend to accept stains better and more evenly) but also the natural color of the wood. I prefer Red Oak. Walnut is a hardwood, but it doesn’t burn for very long when compared to Oak or Pine. I am looking to build a platform / platform bed and I have white oak grey pink floors and looking to contrast it with either a less grainy wood like natural Birch, Maple, and not White Oak, but may want to stain it with a semi glossed Charcoal Gray. Can’t usually see good stain variations anywhere online. I was also thinking it wasn’t sanded. Darn! I loved pine with the lights and darks, but not the medium stains. Riftsawn and quartersawn oak is gorgeous, but plainsawn needs to go away! Now I can’t wait to do the downstairs, which are white oak floors. Curious how an oil based vs water based would affect the colors especially on the white oak. This is an awesome resource, thank you! 22 hours ago. Birch did surprisingly well and the oaks were naturals. Oak vs. Hickory Wood ... Brazilian walnut or ipe, has the highest Janka rating at 3,684. Also, professional pros (the ones who take their time to listen to you and do the job right) always water-pop the wood when using dark stains. Minwax Golden Oak. They look incredible. Ex: contractors squatting in my back room at night, appliances stolen (we were in a motel for 9 months) problems with pouring concrete flooring, broken pipes under the foundation and last but not least, the City of Houston. Gorgeous! Minwax recently came out with a Simply White stain and I’m in love with it! 90% of my customers choose a slightly different color on other materials that isn’t flooring. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing! So helpful with all of the images and great descriptions! Lastly, we thought it would be beneficial to see all the same wood type with different stains in one picture. White Oak has the most neutral undertones. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Let's break this down. This was incredibly helpful! Treating raw wood with conditioner helps prevent streaks and blotches by evening out the absorption of oil-based stains. I’ve always read that you should use the pre-stain conditioner, but never really believed the hype. My White Oak with Golden Oak Stain is going to look great this weekend :). No worries. But then there is the world of bleaching! I’m curious of a recipe for red oak to match white oak. In the past, if what I stained was too intense, I mixed a little light grey paint with lots of water, brushed it over the stained wood, then wiped it off. You can get a matte finish polycrylic and that often causes the least amount of change. (Then wash with 1/4 vinegar/water and lightly sand.) For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The green that is generally very pronounced in Poplar, turned into more of a warm gray. Thankyou for doing this! Red oak and mahogany typify tradition in the United States. I’m about to work on a project that consists of staining some wood, so would appreciate any tips! Durable is not in the conversation when taking about wood. Thanks! I’ll be saving this as reference for all of my future projects :), Love this, thank you! But I’m not really sure about it. My suggestion would be to use a scrap piece of wood that is the same type that you want to treat, and test your different options. 9/03/20 The Post Office and I have come to an agrement. Maybe Jacobean. Should I layer a bit of white and with a gray that I wipe off quickly? Or a sort of gray stain that would really cut the yellow could work! one i have used cuprinol dries to s shine. They often do. Walnut and oak are very strong it is how you treat the woods, As for looks i like the oak for a fresh look and walnut for a exotic look or rustic. As a reminder, here are all the types of wood in their natural, raw state: 1. I have been doing wood finishing for over 20 years and I can’t tell you how hard it is to get a client to appreciate how different stains look on different types of wood. The grain of the cut wood is straight, although it becomes wavy as you get closer to the roots. I’ve never used a pre-conditioner but after a few not so great results, I decided to do so in the future. Our home is a traditional colonial with all white oak floors… except the previous homeowners remodeled the kitchen and dining room and put in red oak! In my mind, it would have a similar effect to the red oak, but I’ve never worked with mahogany before. Perhaps someone could give me their opinions of what wood and stain to use with black iron pipe? thank you so much for this. Very interesting! Do you have any recommendations? I’m having white cabinets/white granite with greyish Island, and butcher block counters and white windows. Cabot makes a good one, and you can get it from Lowe’s. I used Minwax Pickled Oak and it turned out gorgeous, for a first attempt. I wanted to know how well birch took stain. We sampled Jacobean and dark walnut on pine and our samples came out much darker than yours. Thank you! I don’t know if everything else (floor, walls) is ‘cool’ if the tone should be warm? When it comes to mahogany vs walnut, either wood is an excellent choice to work with or have furniture, flooring or other products made out of. However, Black Walnut is a fairly common tree in certain parts of the USA, so it is still used as firewood from time-to-time.

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