Being attacked by a Chinese cobra is not something you want to experience. Do you know by which poisonous animals are you surrounded with? 3. The only members of the species known to exist are all kept in captivity and, according to the World Wildlife Fund, the South China tiger has not been seen in the wild for over 25 years. of Chinese bird spider is able to cause severe nerve damage. Sign up to get the entertainment, lifestyle and event news from That's Guangzhou every week! Another surprising fact about this female Chinese bird spider is Mosquitoes can play host to all manner of nasty parasites, bacteria and deadly diseases. larvae, grubs, bees, eggs and mushrooms as examples. Both art and martial art in China consider tiger as a symbol of earth as well as power and royalty. Asian black bear is one of the bears you can find around the world. The chances of a healthy adult dying from a Chinese red head centipede bite are decidedly low: you will likely experience serious to extreme discomfort but eventually make a full recovery. Bolivia allegedly has the most dangerous road in the world with 200-300 travelers being killed yearly along the road. Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. Its stinger is able to inject a great amount of venom to its victim. Elephant. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically … Below we’ve rounded up seven of South China’s most dangerous creatures – although we’d like to note that most encounters are unlikely to result in bodily harm. ONE-HORNED RHINO. You might want to see the other venomous animals in the world and scary animals over the world watch out! Contact Us | If this large and aggressive species of centipede cozies up to your skin, prepare for extreme pain, severe swelling, fever and general weakness, according Dr. Robert Norris, professor of surgery and emergency medicine at the Stanford University Medical Center. If... 3. Asian giant hornet is commonly found in low mountains and forests as its habitats. READ MORE: Venomous Snake Bites: What to Do When Disaster Strikes. China remains ground zero for the emergence of many dangerous new infections. Do you know that there are snakes to discover in Australia ? Animal Attacks. China is well known for having diverse species of animals. South China A small percentage of those infected will develop brain inflammation or encephalitis, from where the disease gets part of its name. If you are unfortunate enough to have one of these large, eight-legged predators poke its fangs into you, make haste to the nearest hospital – or prepare for severe nerve damage. Most animals are widely known as deadly animals for human. Kunming, which is a suburb area in China, is a major tourist attraction for tiger worship. This world is full of dangerous, scary and frightening animals. The most deadly animals in Hong Kong 2 Chinese cobra. Home » Wild Animal » Meet these 4 Most Dangerous Animals of China. More than 80 people have already died as a result of a coronavirus outbreak in China, with authorities still desperately scrambling to contain the contagion. The sloth or labiated bear is anything but lazy; in fact, it is one of the most dangerous animals in Asia. You find them hanging around open... 3 Sea snakes. The King cobra also known as hamadryad is native to India … Poaching for their gall bladders and skin are also the She lived just 29 hours after envenomation. However, the bad thing is that some of them bring about various dangers and perils to plants, animals, and humans. The circumstances surrounding this story have captured the imaginations of UFO investigators across the Middle Kingdom and beyond. The answer: several extraordinary members of the animal kingdom. Asian Giant Hornet. the population of Asian black bears is declining due to some reasons, such as If a snake matching this description happens to bite you, get to a hospital as quickly as possible: recently a 21-year-old woman was put on life support and declared brain-dead in Shaanxi province after being bitten on the hand by a many-banded krait she had bought as a pet. The Indian rock python is one of the most dangerous animals in India, as it is known to crush its victims. Scan our QR Code at right or follow us at ThatsGuangzhou for events, guides, giveaways and much more! The saltwater crocodile can weigh over 1000 kilograms. This Chinese bird spider belongs to the family tarantulas. The victim won’t Bravo! However, if the bite victim is young, old, or lives with a chronic medical issue, they should definitely get to a hospital pronto. & Why We Should Care? App, © 2020 JY International Cultural Communications Co., Ltd. 粤ICP备20064570号, Woman Bitten by Severed Cobra Head in South China, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Venomous Snake Bites: What to Do When Disaster Strikes, El Piñal: The Lost 16th Century Spanish Outpost in South China, There Is an Abandoned Canadian Village in South China and We Visited It, This Day in History: The Discovery of Peking Man, This Day in History: Mysterious Fireballs Flatten Guizhou Forest, This Day in History: The Founding of the Shanghai Rugby Club, This Day in History: When Albert Einstein Came to Shanghai, This Week in History: Finding of the First Panda to Leave China, Tibetan Man's Sweet Smile Captures Netizen's Hearts and Drives Hotel Bookings. Huashan in China features a death-defying cliff-side mountain climb that brings daring visitors to a tea house 2,160 m (7,087 ft) up on the mountain's southern peak. be able to move once they are bitten and even cause death if it is not treated The Chinese bird spider is also known for producing toxins that are called huwentoxins. Image via Wikimedia Mamushi don’t get the reputation of being one of the most dangerous animals in Japan and the most venomous snakes for nothing. ... while the smaller males will only reach 3 to 4 millimetres. King cobra. In 1598, Ming Dynasty authorities allowed a team of Spanish traders from Manila to set up shop in China’s PRD. It will raise its forebody and spread its hood as well. What are the most dangerous insects in Asia? READ MORE: Woman Bitten by Severed Cobra Head in South China. While attacking humans, Asian black bears tend to tear up on their hind legs and knock the victims over with their big paws. Meanwhile, snow leopards are found in the West, where there are the Altai Mountains, and bears are found in the North, where there are forests. The man was then transported to a local hospital to receive treatment. commonly distinguished by its dark yellow brownish body and shorter length of Since it's considered a vulnerable species (in terms of known numbers), your chances of running into a Chinese cobra are relatively slim (particularly if your daily routine sees you walking from home to work and back). Do you know that some of the animals from China are even able to kill you? Their habitats in forests, are mainly cut immediately. The megalania or the giant ripper lizard is blown up version of the Komodo dragon. Chinese Bird Spider Although your risk of being infected in Guangdong’s major urban areas, such as Shenzhen or Guangzhou, is far less than in rural areas, it’s still worth putting on some bug spray. bear is also known as the Asiatic black bear or moon bear or white-chested Chinese cobra is commonly very alert, especially when it is confronted. In fact, a number of these creatures are so destructive that you will need to call pest control just to be able to contain them. Is the great white shark the most dangerous animal in the world? 3. ... Colombia, Costa Rica, etc and known as one of the most dangerous amazon rainforest animals in the world. Disclaimer | Another Indian animal which is considered dangerous is the otherwise gentle looking elephant, but thousands of killings by wild … During the Vietnam War, American GIs referred to the many-banded krait as the ‘two-step snake,’ according to the The Snake Charmer by Jamie James, due to their mistaken belief that the snake’s venom can kill within two steps. More populated species, such as the yellow head catfish and the carp, are also important to the ecosystem and the food chain. And the incredible story of the American socialite who became the first person to bring a giant panda to the US. If, theoretically, you were to be attacked by a tiger, here’s what to expect, according to tiger researcher Vratislav Mazak: Tigers generally approach their prey from the side or behind. 0. On arrival the Swedish consulate reiterated that he had officially been awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics. Being attacked by a Chinese cobra is not something you want to experience. The female Chinese bird spiders are known to be one of the largest So, before you squash that centipede under your shoe, remember that you have a better chance of getting squashed by a rogue taxi than dying from bug venom. This species can mostly be found in southern China and some neighbouring islands and nations. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is considered … Known by its scientific name, Melursus ursinus, this resident of India weighs anywhere between 55 to 200 kg (120 to 425 lb), reaches a body length of 1.9 m (6.2 ft) and travels at speeds of 40 km (25 mi) per hour. It can be found mangroves and grasslands. Monkeys Not all animals that kill humans are large and foreboding like sharks, and not all are what we might deem to be “scary.” You may be surprised at what you find on this list. to its size, Chinese cobra is commonly 1.2 to 1.5 meters long, however, it can Featuring next on the list of 10 most dangerous animals in India is the fearful looking crocodile, which frequents many rivers, lakes and marshy regions of the country. They were required to ask for medical help. Look at these 8 Land Animals that are Great Swimmers! It was updated and republished on August 3, 2018. The adults are very aggressive, however, the youngsters can be more aggressive due to nervousness to the things around them. They are known more aggressive towards humans than any brown bears in the Eurasia and American black bear. A biosafety level 4 laboratory that studies the “world’s most dangerous pathogens” is based in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China, leading some to claim that the virus could have accidentally escaped the lab. Let’s meet these 4 most dangerous and horrible animals of China. Despite its name, the spider predominantly preys on insects and small rodents, which are dispatched quickly by the species’ strong venom. Identifying the snake is relatively easy, as it is generally dark in color with 20-30 white or cream-colored bands. exploitation and hunting by humans. to Asian black bears’ diet, they are omnivorous, and feed on insects, beetle Credited with being one of the most venomous... 2. Asian spiders. Giant hornet is considered as one of the creepiest ants over the world. Animals The consumption of infected bushmeat - … This Day in History: Nelson Mandela's Changing Relationship with China, This Day in History: China's Deadliest Maritime Disaster, Voting Now Open for That's Food & Drink Awards 2020 in Guangzhou, The Four Great Classics of Chinese Literature, Everything You Need to Know about China's Daigou Community. Asian giant hornet is known as the world’s largest hornet. The spiders are generally nocturnal animals, hiding during the day and spinning her web at night. Asiatic black bears are very common in china, and they are known to be very aggressive. Yangtze River is considered dangerous due to the industrial waste that is being flown into the river on a daily basis. The mosquito’s ability to transmit this horrifying disease, along with numerous other potentially fatal ones (such as dengue fever and malaria) has rendered it a much-feared insect in developing regions of the world. The stings are able to cause kidney failure. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most people infected with Japanese encephalitis experience only mild symptoms. Image via @adamandtheeightleggedbeauties /Instagram Although they are herbivorous most of the time, but they are able to attack humans as well. This Asian giant hornet has a nickname by the popular media “murder hornet”. The Giant Lizard. 2. Crocodiles. 318 National Highway – The Sichuan to Tibet Section (318国道川藏线). ... that the coronavirus originated from an illegal seafood market in Wuhan that “conducted illegal transactions of wild animals.” Given that the market sold bats and … The alleged fatality occurred in the Philippines, where a 7-year-old girl was bitten on her head. Common Poisonous Snakes in Taiwan: Common Names: Taiwan Cobra, Chinese Cobra Scientific Name: Naja naja atra Distinguishing Features: Has typical large cobra appearance; raises head when agitated, and neck appears like a scoop; yellow-brown in colour Additional Information: Can be found all around Taiwan, at lower elevations, in grassy and hilly areas.Poisonous though generally not aggressive. The national animal of India: The Bengal tiger The Bengal tiger, scientifically known as Panthera tigris tigris, is another extremely dangerous animal of India. While great white sharks, cobras, and ferocious African felines may be experienced predators, there are just as many little-known yet equally threatening animals lurking in the wild: World’s Deadliest Animals: Asian Giant Hornet. Most of the endangered species can be found only at reserves. A bite from this cheeky green snake will unleash a hemotoxin into the body that will leave the victim in excruciating pain and cause tissue and organ damage. The species, also known as the giant centipede, jungle centipede, red headed centipede and Vietnamese centipede (among numerous other names), is also the only species credited as the apparent cause of human death. This species belongs to family Elapidae. Encephalitis symptoms include a high fever, headache, tremors, disorientation, coma and convulsions. reach up to 2 meters. China is also home for some most dangerous and deadliest animals. 7 of South China's Most Dangerous Animals 1. On figures alone this makes Indian animals the most dangerous in the world. Regarding Considered as the most renowned river in China and is the third-longest river in the world. Sloth Bear. The sinking of SS Kiangya was the world's worst maritime disaster unrelated to military action. Mortality rates are much lower than before, but a nonfatal bite would still suck. 4. It is one of the most famous and endangered Indian animals in the world. Advertise With Us | In 2017, a man in Guangzhou was bitten by a Chinese tree viper while attempting to adjust the seat on a Bluegogo shared bike. Nope. On several occasions, these deadly reptiles have attacked and killed human beings. Beware of these 6 Diseases Transmitted by Mosquitos, Get Familiar with these 4 Popular Bird Breeds to Pet at Home. Chinese cobra typically inhabits woodlands, shrublands, Asian giant hornet feeds mostly on larger insects, tree sap and honey from bee colonies. A network of dangerous and precipitous trails allows access to the mountain's five summits, each of which has a religious structure like the tea house on the southern summit. They have an ashy gray, hairless skin but what is most notable about it is the fact that it has one horn instead of two. Peninsula. Besides China, you can also see these deadliest animals in Africa. Mt. This Chinese cobra is considered as one of the most poisonous and deadliest snakes in China and Taiwan. A week of hospitalization … In Southeast Asia, the species can be found in Myanmar, North Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. The saltwater crocodile is the largest and most dangerous of all crocodile species, and is the animal most likely to eat a human. That being said, between 1904 and 1938 there were 593 recorded cases of envenomation in Taiwan, with 87 fatal cases – a 15 percent mortality rate. 10. Wolves, bears, snow leopards and pretty much that’s it. Regarding to its venom, this cobra is able to cause some symptoms, such as darkening wound, swelling, redness, pain, blisters. Hainan Bengal Tiger. Chinese Cobra One bite of the krait carries enough concentrated toxin to kill two dozen grown men.”. It is mainly found in China and Vietnam. It is actually the asiatic black bear. Of all the species in the world, the largest—and most dangerous—is the saltwater crocodile. Not only does India have many potentially dangerous animals, it has the scary statistics to back up this with thousands of deaths each year. This is a medium-sized bear species originated from Asia. Term of Use |, Meet these 4 Most Dangerous Animals of China, Get Ready with these 6 Things to Consider before Starting a Goat Farm, Let’s Know these 5 Popular Dog Breeds You can Pet at Home, Follow These Tips on How to Easily Get Closer to your Newly Adopted Pet. Leaning over a metal cage stuffed with live hens in Shanghai, Ran looked for just the right specimen for her chicken soup. Contact Us | Ultimately, a bite from a Chinese cobra could prove fatal. Weekly updates to your email inbox every Wednesday, About Us | This cobra species is also well known as Taiwan cobra. Roughly one in four cases of Japanese encephalitis result in death. There was ever a case in China when people were stung for more than 10 times. Guangzhou This Asian black bear is a diurnal animal, which is active during the day. Source: Grace Rain. Asian black bear is also a good climber of trees and rocks and it does this to feed, sun, hibernate, escape from enemies and also rest. If bitten, you could expect a darkening of the bite wound, swelling, pain, blisters and necrosis, as well as slightly more minor (but also shitty) issues such as a sore throat, fever and lockjaw. In 2003, Guangdong province had an outbreak of Japanese encephalitis spread by mosquitos. 2020 Animal Lova | The most dangerous would be wolves because they’re the most common and they’re found everywhere in the country. Asian Elephant . Sadly saying, Youtube Halosehat, Adchoices | it can live up to 30 years! Snakes. ... And while bats get infected with some of the most dangerous viruses known to medicine, they don't make them sick because they're completely unaffected by the pathogens which are harmful to humans. the horns. 10. 4. Just one week, you may ask. 1. Living in Dandong, China’s Most “Dangerous” City Since I’ve been leading tours in North Korea for numerous years and making the constant train journey between Beijing and Pyongyang, I decided to call my four years living in the big smoke up and relocate myself to Dandong , thus also opening up Young Pioneer Tours office in the far east of China. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. but I think some dangerous roads in China can easily beat it and below is a list of the most dangerous roads in China and some explanations why they are dangerous.. 1. The one-horned rhino is second when it comes to size beaten only by the white rhinoceros. Have you ever thought about the most poisonous animals on Earth? Although more annoying than threatening, mosquitos have the potential to cause you a great deal of pain (and we aren’t talking about the itchy discomfort you experience after one jabs you with its needle-like sucker). In another startling event, last September juvenile many-banded kraits and cobras overran at least one apartment complex in Guangzhou, although no casualties were reported.

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