If you read the bloggers evaluation of this article it states all of what these comments are saying. The breed originated in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, thus its name. Breeds like pit bulls and rottweilers get a lot of attention as being “aggressive” breeds. In doing my research, I have found that different organizations and different “experts” have their own opinions as to which dog breeds are the “most aggressive." Others can be especially dangerous because of … These measures don’t just keep your dog happy, they keep it safe. (My opinion. If you don’t think you have the time, patience or energy to properly care for the dog, choose another breed or you could wind up with an aggressive dog and a lot of trouble. The Rottweiler has a bad reputation but that reputation is undeserved. Like the Chihuahua, this is likely because the Dachshund’s size makes it easy to overlook inappropriate behaviors such as jumping, barking and snarling. Jack Russells are small-sized dogs and range in size from 14 to 18 pounds. Because we don't hurt them! This small dog breed originated in Germany in the 17. You could say that no people are criminals because no-one in YOUR family is a criminal. Compare an aggressive chihuahua to that of an aggressive APBT. I was surprised by this one because in my lifetime, I’ve known many Old English Sheepdogs and they’ve all been lovely animals. The Wolf Hybrid is the most common wolf-type dog breed. Now my Jack Russell mixed now he love kids and the friendlies thing ever. The author did their research as you should do yours. She could have easily hurt him very badly but she did not. If a Pit Bull feels threatened it will defend itself. If you cannot resist teasing your dog or playing in an aggressive way with your dog, do not get a Pit Bull. 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the world Almost all dog breeds in the world irrespective of their size are capable of being aggressive towards anything they feel that’s threatening them. It speaks to the aggressiveness of the dog; not how well it carries out its aggression. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on December 30, 2018: Yes. Really appreciable. i was walking on the side walk and it was on a leash and attacked me. Hi I had a husky and she was the most kind and sweet dog in the world! A reputable breeder will have all of that information. Some of these dog breeds are actually aggressive but it is all how you train and treat the dogs. Dachshund (Standard Smooth) 3. Its hard to test the temperament of a living thing based on the breed. They are included in the toy group of dogs and range from 4 to 6 pounds. He worked as a tax collector and wanted a dog that he could take with him for protection on his visits to the more dangerous areas where he traveled. However they did nothing about people who are dangerous and aggressive and who would eagerly want to have a pit bull and mistreat it until it becomes aggressive. Their aggression comes from the strong sense of loyalty they feel for their owners. *Through my research and my experience owning four Siberian huskies, I cannot find definitive studies that prove huskies have aggressive personalities, but they have appeared on many lists of aggressive dogs, which is why they are on this one. Jack Russell Terrier 8. His view reflects the importance of seeking out the truth beyond mere numbers and statistics. Thirdly, have owned Shih Tzus and Dobermans for 25 years. I think you should not determine dogs on little accidents that have happened before also I have 2 huskies and 1 cockapoo and they are the nicest dogs ever they treet my cockapoo like parents. But he doesn’t do that all the time, he’s nearly 3 and after a bit of training his trauma seems to fade away and he’s not as aggressive as he used to be towards other dogs. they only bark when they don't know who's at the door. They would appreciate someone that cared about where they were getting their pup from, if they have an issue with their dogs meeting new people that could be a red flag in relation to the dogs temperment. They get them because they want a dog to protect them. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on May 25, 2020: I am not familiar with the Kangal Shepherd, but after doing some research on them, I would not be inclined to add them to my list. The dogs on this list are sorted in order of lowest to highest percent of dogs that passed the temperament test conducted by the American Temperament Test Society. This breed, also known as the Canary Mastiff, is a fearsome dog whose appearance can intimidate any person. I truly believe all my dogs do have the intellect of a four-year-old child. In reality, though, size is always trumped by temperament. So my point is maybe the article is flawed and maybe it isn't. The chow chow has a dominant personality and can become assertive at times. But the chance of being bitten by a bully belonging to a responsible owner is 1000 times less than a bite from a dachshund, chihuahua, or any number of the smaller but more aggressive breeds. It is heartbreaking that over 80% of most shelter dogs are pit bulls and most die there. And you know why? i have a huskey and they are not dangous that you ver much, None of that is true at least one of each of those dogs live on my street and they are all friendly. They are very protective of their owners and have been known to become extremely aggressive when/if someone gets to close to their owner. He is a big gentle giant. Physically and mentally abusive owners are using fear to control the dog. While big dogs are often thought of as aggressive or intimidating, many of the most aggressive dogs are from the smaller breeds. Please, don't accuse somebody of this until you read the whole post, thank you. Make sure they have bones to chew on and toys to play with. Any one having them as companions are not "namby pambies"! Protective aggression IS a real thing. Pitbulls 4. The dachshund is categorized in the hound group by the AKC. 3. My German Shepherd sleeps on my pillow with me!! I have 8 dogs and they are all soo nice and so cute they will let anyone pet them. They’re spirited, full of energy and far more adorable than anything on this planet should be allowed to be. Powerful and dangerous to enemies, akbash is not only a harsh guardian of the sheep. Have owned German Shepherds for some 40 years, do they protect yes, will they prevent strangers entering your hose absolutely, will they take over property management if you are there NO, they will advise arrival, always seem to understand friend family the unknown and deal with them differently. You also included that you do not think the tests were fair because the amount of dogs tested were not the same with each breed. They weigh only 70 lbs and hence among the smallest breeds on earth. This has resulted in the recognition of the Parson Russell terrier instead. Pits/Staffies are often dog aggressive but most did not initiate aggression, responding when confronted by overly forward and dominant dogs. 2. Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs. Not anyone else. This study was already done by 3 reputable societies. Then maybe all dog breeds will not be put on most aggressive, barks a lot or worst to potty train lists. Person who is awesome on September 22, 2019: And i have 2 Jack Russell terrier named Hugo and Monty. I would highly recommend avoiding the Giant Schnauzer unless you are willing to put a lot of time and effort into training and have a lot of experience dealing with stubborn pups. It has also been noted that they do not have good peripheral vision, so they can be easily startled. BC ran, Staffy sustained severe bites but chased off coyotes. They range in size between 70 and 85 pounds. I am so glad your were not injured! So I am an owner of 2 Pitties, and i have had pits my entire life. I have known many smaller dogs that were more aggressive than a pit bull. It is known that they were most often used as hunting and herding dogs. Frequently the people breeding them know nothing about proper breeding. However Mr. Doberman bred Dobermans for one thing, to protect him. So people see a jerk walking a pit bull and a dog becomes aggressive and they just assume it is just an aggressive breed. Its so sad that people want to blame the breed. They're trying to defend themselves. Reasons for that are of psychological nature. The exact origin of the Dalmatian has not been confirmed. During the Second World War, German and French used them as military dogs. Now, as I mentioned in the intro, even the most aggressive dog breeds will can make great pets if raised properly. In my newbie days I got a female Siberian husky pup. I now have a long haired sable 17 month old chihuahua Gracie.I could. I suspect anyone who has ever had a Cocker Spaniel with “rage syndrome” wouldn’t be all that surprised. However, as everyone else has stated the owner makes the dog. The chow chow is listed as a medium-sized dog in the non-sporting group with the AKC. When they were puppies the played tug of war and my husky always let her win! Our own family has adopted many of these breeds to be part of our family. animals are human too some of them just can talk. 4. They are the sweetest dogs who give kisses galore and would not ever becone aggressive to anyone unless provoked to do so just like any dog! They aren’t knowledgeable about socializing, training or even decent care. When I think about it now, it makes perfect sense. That isn’t to say that the most aggressive dogs are all small dogs. The number of dogs tested per breed varies greatly, so the percentages may be skewed. 5 Symptoms That Your Walking Foot Sewing Machine Needs Servicing, Top 25 Quit Smoking Items That Every Smoker Serious of Quitting Can Benefit From. The Dalmatian is on my short list of the most aggressive dog breeds. In some cases, a dog has a chemical imbalance or a physical condition which causes it to respond in erratic ways. These guys can be great pets, sure, but they really do need an experienced trainer to make sure they don’t become aggressive. Rottweilers are listed as large-sized dogs in the working group. Border collies are excellent family dogs and extremely intelligent! Staffys ARE NOT catergorized/classifyed as pibbles and no dog is aggressive its always how you raise it, you can have two "bad tempermented" dogs and if you raise the pup differently than the parents, then that pup is different. They do not like strangers, and therefore make good guard dogs. And because of it, there are many people making judgements against an entire breed or breeds. No good breeder would be offended by being questioned about their dogs, or by asking to meet their dogs away from the pups. Cane Corso already has an appearance of an aggressive dog, and many experts will certainly label this... 3. The only dogs that have ever bitten me were those two breeds. Chihuahua's are loving creatures and they only attack to OTHER PEOPLE WHEN THEY SENSE DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't train them they will be out of control. But neither one both girls likes children. As a kid for each dog I recieved my father would get me a book on the breed. This new variation was more mild-mannered and smaller-framed. One should not fail to compare a dog's capabilities to cause physical harm as well. The biggest problem with pit bulls are the owners. Dogs tend to become aggressive after they experience some sort of psychological trauma. With the correct training, ANY dog breed can be calm and docile. A Pit Bull that has been abused or mistreated in some way is far, far more likely to become aggressive than a Pit Bull that has been treated with respect and care. That is true of any breed, including the breeds on the following list, which could contribute the the bad reputation some of these dogs have. They can be aggressive, yes, but they are primarily aggressive with children. Firstly, surveys don't exclude the people who've had bad pet experiences but comment sections like this do. I will love it and socialise it as soon as possible. They are dominant, commanding animals who have been known to challenge human beings – sometimes even their owners (although most often strangers) – which makes them quite different from the average domestic dog. These dogs were puppies when I got them and were raised with my children and other pets...didn’t matter. Though they are categorized as one of the most dangerous dog breeds but they are not inherently aggressive. percentages provided by the American Temperament Test Society, Dr. Polsky, "Dog Expert Opinion on the Most Aggressive Dog Breeds,", Catey Hill, "11 Riskiest Dog Breeds for Homeowners and Renters,". If you really know what you’re doing with dogs, however, you can help them be a little more comfortable around children but it will take work. They are definitely all little a-holes in their own right. She still has scars but she is ok. We had to put the dog down. He loves people alot too. Across all those millions of dog owners who don't train their dogs, the dogs most likely to be aggressive are the ones you see above. I have a Jack Russell Terrier mixed with Chihuahua and a German Shepherd my babies are 2 and 9 years old. You claim to be basing information on 'other sources and first hand experience' when all you have did to label these dogs as dangerous. These people also tend to be younger and/or inexperienced dog owners that are not ready for what it takes to own a highly intelligent and often quite stubborn breed that can make every single thing a battle of wills if you give in even once, they will expect you to give in again. However, what I will say is that EVERY single dog breed can be aggressive without proper care and training. I have a pug. It does not. They became popular in the U.S. as guard dogs and worked with the Army and police forces. Seriously, if I had to pick a “cutest breed”, I’d have to go with the Shar Pei. But maybe you can help get other people to stop posting these. Based on statistics from the American Temperament Test Society (ATTS). This is a site for people who love dogs. If zoning allows, have a fence. Training and socializing can only help to a point. Let’s end this with a brief conversation about dogs that are generally very gentle animals but have gotten a bad reputation for one reason or another. Chihuahuas are very loyal and devoted to their owners, but they are generally one- or two-person dogs. If you want to buy a specific breed there are rescue groups for most breeds but if you want to buy from a breeder make sure to do your research and make sure the breeder you are buying from has not only done their research but knows their dogs inside and out and only chooses to breed dogs with good even temperments. Maybe the guy tried to some how harm me? They can be devoted to the point of jealousy and may bite or snip at someone coming too close to their owner. Many countries have done a lot of work to restrict pit bull type dogs labeling them as dangerous and aggressive. Yeah she was aggressive with cats but that’s only because she didn’t grow up with them! I've had many of these breeds in my 60 years and never had an aggressive or bad dog, I've even had wolfdogs. Chowchow 2. Moving on. In the mid-1990s, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a broad analysis of dog breeds involved in fatal attacks in the United States between 1979 and … I respect ✊ your article but I’m a owner of Doberman all my life never had a issue I believe as long we treat are doggies with love. Now finally my favorite breed of dog i was raised aroud rottweilers from around 11 till i was sixteen and my stepdads brother who owned two fought them but guess what u messed with one of us kids and it was your ass they were the most sweet natured and down to earth dogs and smart as a whip the only thing that would make me hesitate in buying one is they keep a skin disease and they have breathing problems... so there u have it yes i do believe these most aggressive dogs do tend to turn more but when we hear these stories we dont get the whole truth we dont know what provoked that rottweiler or pitt to turn on its owner u think the owner is gonna tell u the whole truth about it naw they aint i believe amd this is my experience with these two breeds is that i bet alot of these cases the dog was either abused or mistreated something had to provoke these dogs to attack no animal not even rottys or pits are gonna turn for no reason i just don't believe that mostly the only reason people fear pits is because of their jaw pressure which makes me hesitate but the pit i got and hes three years old i would trust with my life and any kids life hes loyal good guardian over me and my boyfriend and the only time he shows aggression is when he has to by like me being home by myself amd someone drives up but after he gets their scent hes goes back to his mellow self thats every dogs instinct u show these dog breeds alot of love and affection they will do the same back to u that's just my opinion. As pit bulls have a tendency to please their masters no matter what, aggressive and mean people tend to choose these breeds to please their ego and in many cases use them for their own purposes. They are the most aggressive dog breeds in America, except for Rottweiler. You can combat this by socializing them from the time they’re puppies. My husband wants to bring home a young Jack Russell Terrier. One final note before we begin talking about the most aggressive dog breeds: this list is in alphabetical order. The Bull Terrier is a smart and stocky breed who have a lot of power behind them. The chihuahua is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in America. Of course she was trained as a Service Dog, however, they didn’t train her to catch me when I fell, or put me on my bed & cover me up, or tuck me up like a burrito & lay on me until I was done having a seizure so I couldn’t hurt myself, or wake me up or alert me during the day when it was medication time..... so so many things my angel just decided she wanted to do for me out of pure amazing love. They are medium-sized dogs included in the terrier group and can weigh between 55 to 65 pounds. Once you make that bond with a Doberman you will never have a more loyal, loving and protective 'child'. So if a certain breed is commonly considered to have an "aggressive" personality, it could point to the type of person who tends to own that specific breed (e.g. Make sure they have ample room to run around and play. We’ve not seen aggression towards our family or others. You want it to respect and love you. Husky’s aren’t aggressive at all they should not be on this list!!! Your list is not correct. They are bred as fighting dogs, and therefore, they are highly aggressive and can only be handled by experienced dog owners. My friend has a german shepherd that bite my face. We don't need to be perpetrating any type of breed tension with dogs. Weird mix I know. The point I'm making is that the behaviour of dogs, are the direct result of their training. Husky breeder here. As long as they are not trained as guard dogs, I, personally, do not view the German Shepherd as an “aggressive” breed. ), I love huskies and me and my brother have 5. The percentage listed under each breed indicates the number of dogs that have passed the temperament test based on the total number of dogs tested for that breed. I owned a chow and he only ever TRIED to attack someone once when i was walking him alone at night and some guy tried to walk up to me. When my grandson was a toddler he could open my dogs mouth, stick his hand in, play with his teeth and tongue my dog loves him and he is a huge pitbull. Originally bred for molestation bulls and bears the bulk of their breeds were conjointly used for dog fighting in various elements of the planet, and is taken into account because the most dangerous dog … I do not fully agree with the percentages provided by the American Temperament Test Society, because the number of dogs tested per breed is not the same. There are many large dogs that would eat a chicken and most people eat chicken too we just have someone else someone else kill it for us. Rottweiler. They are also considered one of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world. This article is completely inaccurate. They are considered to have a very bad altitude and attacks at simple provocation. They are 2 years old and they are so cute. I’ve had huskies and my male was way more aggressive then my female, to the point I could not be around him with my children around. I am currently looking at the ATTS Temperment test scores and Staffordshire Bull Terrier scored: 90.9% and American Staffordshire Terrier scored: 85.5% , I would like to know the sources you've gathered your data from. It can be hard to teach a child that a puppy isn’t the same as a stuffed animal so they aren’t always their most gentle with puppies. Both breeds fall under the pit bull category and are usually one of the nicest dogs around. I think some people on here are being a little harsh. I had a standered wire haired dachshund Lola for 13 who had a lovely nature and was wonderful with children of all ages. He only barks because he know people are scare of big dogs. Often, there is a reason behind a Pit Bull attack. The Doberman is a very intelligent breed and has been used mainly as guard dogs and for police work. While Pit Bull attacks are covered more frequently in the media than attacks by other breeds, we can’t just blame the media for their bad name. They never bite. To me all dogs can turn on u i have had dalmations that have turned min pins that have turned and several others that have done the same if i made this list chow chows would be number one and so on i dont trust that breed at all my papaw lived by sombody thag had two they bit several people and killed my papaws lil poodle in my papaws own yard there were times my pawpaw couldnt come out of his own house cause they were in the yard and trying to attack him..... Siberian huskys neber had one but my mom did when she married my dad and i was a baby i was told he was protective over me and would be very careful around me all around good dog never showed any aggression.... my mom owned a doberman as a kid and that dog was her best friend never bit her or anybody else in the house but showed aggression towards people she didnt know.... we had a cow dog when i was six and it was as mean as a rottweiler like we had to keep him in the bathroom when somebody visited and nobody could step out of their ride until we put him up a cow dog now .... heres my order of the most aggressive and this is my opinion and one of the breeds are a small breed 1. 20 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds 1. I have a very large (80kg) German shepherd, who's extremely friendly to people when we're out for a walk, but very protective of the house and his "pack" when he's at home. Akitas should be on this list too. My experience has been that it is almost impossible to find a dog or human aggressive Coonhound, Beagle or Flat Coat. The Jack Russell’s origin began in England where they were primarily used for fox hunting. (People take priority over pets any day) and you can argue that the child was bothering the dog and it was her fault.. blah blah blah. When the breed was brought to America and dog fighting was banned, a second strain of this breed developed. It is based on a report put out by Forbes that examines the breeds involved in the most … It is indeed a strong and imposing dog breed. People who use the dogs as a cultural status symbol don’t look for good genetics and usually are unwilling to pay the cost of good dogs (which can reach $3000-$5000 or more). But I won't be biased. Dog aggression is a behavior shown by all dog breeds. My friend owns a pit bull that is dog aggressive but raised vrry well. They have long, thick coats that can come in red, black, blue, cream, or cinnamon colors. If you start teaching your chow chow that biting is wrong and is not behavior you tolerate, you may be okay but in general, chows are a better option for someone who has a lot of experience with dogs and really knows how to raise a dog properly. This can often be attributed to a lack of knowledge on the owner’s part. They have little patience and are not very tolerant with children. You don’t want your Pit to fear you. I don't recommend Dobermans for first-time dog owners. They were first known as the “Rottweil butcher’s dog,” but the name was later shortened to Rottweiler. Because they do not like strangers, they bark often and can be good as an alert-style watch dog. I have a lot of pitbulls and they are so loving and caring. 2. I wouldnt own one of these lil demons lol i dont even trust them i would trust my fifty pound pitbull before i would a chihuahua 6. I also had a Pomeranian and her and my husky were the best of friends. Yes, they can be mean, but it's usually because they are defending someone or something or are in pain! Please do not put labels on certain dog breeds,when it is, the owners who have made them become aggressive.By not.

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