We paid a total of around $600 for both the washing machine and the dryer approximately 20 years ago. The Dryer has one-touch controls so using it can be a snap. In terms of common, split, residential … Midea is trusted by people all around the world when it comes to manufacturing a good fridge. Would buy again. I was looking for a, I’m extremely happy with my purchase of the, The MIDEA MAD30C1YWS Portable Dehumidifier, I use this MIDEA MAD20C1ZWS Portable Dehumidifier in our basement to keep moisture out and. These are convenient and energy-efficient cooling units. I love it. The cost is not as much as anyone might imagine. Very few repair people have knowledge of this unit and nobody would come to fix it. No problems. Midea is a Chinese brand … I’m very impressed by this freezer. IE: Copeland compressors, Seimens contactors, Mars relays, GE motors, etc. Midea is a cheap washing machine from China. When I say I can stay on hold and wait she says “I can’t have you on hold that long”. Buyers get the variety of all best-designed ACs from this brand, namely window, split, … Don’t hesitate to contact us if something’s wrong or mislead information about Midea Dishwasher Review. In all the years of use they perform as good as the first day. As a result, the Midea brand is definitely a very good brand and you can visit their online Amazon store here. I will most likely have to replace the whole unit with a different manufacture. What people like most about them is that they are spacious and can hold a lot of food without taking up a lot of space. Very clean clothes inside strong reliable equipment. 1 week later there is a leak from a valve that drains the tub. This company is not yet accredited. The washing machine and dryer were very reliable. Has no filter basket or filter hose-DMFLW70. So if you are looking for a good brand that will give you the best … It fits our needs perfectly. On top of that, this is the single most efficient window AC on the market right now according to the energy star website (i checked) so you really can’t go wrong here. The following compact refrigerator is the most highly rated with consumers. Midea is also a good brand for powerful dehumidifiers with the following dehumidifier being a very popular seller…, If you are interested in the Midea dehumidifier we go into more detail about it here… 8 Reasons Why MIDEA Dehumidifier Is The Solution For Your Home, MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS Dehumidifier 70 Pint With Reusable Filter, Ideal For Basements, Bedrooms, And Bathrooms. Unfortunately, the set that I had got old and had to be replaced. I was looking for a new air conditioner to replace the old one. It performs well - usually thirty minute cycle time for wash, has all the setting for bleach and fabric softener. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. I have not had to do any maintenance or repairs as of yet. Allows just enough space, My elderly parents are not able to shop as often as necessary. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. I called Concepcion Ind almost every day, I've wasted much time to follow up. The majority of reviews of the Midea air conditioner on Amazon are positive in regards to noise level, … Here it is it’s now January almost February and still don’t have a working dryer! I have never had an issue and there has never been a problem at all with this machine. No issues on the way it looks. You can choose to focus on a specific place in your home (or office) for cooling rather than waste money trying to cold down an entire house. It’s really roomy. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Midea WHS-258C1 Review The Midea WHS-258C1 is a large-capacity chest freezer that can hold substantial amounts of frozen food within its 7-cubic-foot interior. Only filled it halfway, working great and it’s so. Midea is one of best in class home appliance manufacturing company in the world for Airconditioner, Refrigerator, Washing Machine & Water Purifier. I bought this product and in less than one year, it stopped drying. Each year, Midea wins 40+ design awards at … I keep getting the same woman and when I ask to be transferred to someone else she says “I’m not allowed to do that”. Established in 1968, Midea (SZ:000333) is a publicly listed and, ranked as a Forbe's Global Fortune 500 company (#253). We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. Midea Is A Good Brand For Chest Freezers. I think I could put a medium sized turkey in there to thaw. The product is a fraud. Some come with energy-saving features that automatically turn off the unit when it’s been on standby mode for some time. So I even took it another step to send over local repair company’s names and number and fax numbers and they are still telling me “we are trying to locate a service technician to service your dryer. Some of Midea’s most popular products include chest freezers, upright freezers, compact refrigerators, dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, and window air conditioners including the clever U-Shaped AC…, Every single year Midea consistently wins over 40 design awards in recognition of their innovative products. The value of the washer/dryer combo can pay for itself in the long run. The washer/dryer combo comes in many colors to choose from and any other combination. Mitsubishi AirconMitsubishi Starmex aircons have been a top seller in Singapore for years. All Rights Reserved. I looked at many refrigerators this size. The cost may be a little above average compared to the Run of the mill machines but in the end the little extra you spend is worth every penny. In all the years of use they perform as good as the first day. If sure that the machine will be repaired on Monday, it's already 18 days delayed. (Highly Regarded Home Security Cameras), Is Stanley A Good Tool Brand? The value is great. You can also use the sleep mode that enables you to shut down the unit at a certain time. After analyzing over 14,893 articles about Midea Dishwasher Review and 14,414 customer reviews, we rank the best Midea Dishwasher Review of 2020. What the heck can this company do other than give me the run around on getting my dang dryer fixed? Who wouldn’t want an air conditioning unit that you can use Alexa to control?! Your fridge is one of the most important appliances in your home, so it’s important that you pick a good quality one. Never heard of AC's which means they are more of the same cheap rebranded crap. If you’re looking for an upright freezer, Midea’s a solid brand … The manual was also well written – clear and concise. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. As far as efficiency, the unit’s auto and eco modes seem to add a lot for efficiency that basic units don’t have. One of the best things about Midea appliances is that they are energy efficient. The appearance is good, clean and functional, clean lines good on space. (Very High-Quality Timer & Clutch Kits), Is Lenovo A Good Brand? I also love the fact that it has 3 settings. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Affiliate Disclosure: "As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made from the images and links in this post. If I could give this rating zero stars, I would but unfortunately I can’t! It wasn't too hard to do it myself. They are almost making 35Million Airconditioner annually & cater almost every region on earth. You can also take the drawer out if you want to. Reliability is no issue. The mainboard had a short. You should hear back from us in 48-72 hours”. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. Fast washing and drying features. All buttons and knobs are visible and accessible. Wish I hadn't took twice as long to dry in my dryer even after spinning them twice. Larger than I expected which was a wonderful surprise. (Speakers, Amps, Receiver, Starter Guitars), Is Skagen A Good Brand? The washer/dryer set I use has been very useful. It is a very calm and quiet air conditioner, making it very easy to tune out when you need to take care of business. In summary, Midea has many top-quality home appliances and is even has led the way with smarter innovations than some of its competitors. I really love that this has a separate fridge and freezer. Lots of room and extreme value. There will be times when it is needed for repairs, but that is expected. It allows users to download an app on their iPhone or Android to control the air conditioner’s settings and schedule from any room. Find the Top Midea Refrigerators with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands by Quality, Popularity and Pricing >> Updated December 2020 It is ok. Looks like a modern washer and dryer. The sleep setting makes a better sleeping environment for my baby. * Each year, Midea wins 40+ design awards at different global design shows such as reddot, iF, and Good Design Award. I'm very dissatisfied with Midea. If you are interested in learning more about the following excellent Midea Mini-Fridge we go into more detail about it here… Midea Compact Refrigerator With Freezer, Midea WHD-113FSS1 compact refrigerator, 3.1 cu ft, Stainless Steel. Brand New Midea 7.0 Chest Freezers 7.5 View Product 7.5 You May Also Like The 10 Best Freezers 13,835 reviews scanned The 10 Best Midea Freezers 4,690 reviews scanned product comparison … One of the best ways to find the … It’s almost perfectly so. Unsubscribe easily. Should of stuck with LG. Thanks for visiting. Really one of the best purchases we’ve made in the past few years. The appearance has the pleasant look/feel of any kind of suitable washer/dryer combo that's easy to use and is very quiet to the ears. Get buying tips about Washers and Dryers delivered to your inbox. I couldn't ask for a better machine. Midea 280L HP280 2.7 from 3 reviews Latest review: Noisey so noisey its woken me up every night since installed its over 30 feet away from bedroom double brick house its always running insulation is … They are also easy on the electric bill compared to other leading appliances. Reliable Compressors, Nailers, Staplers, Is Pyle A Good Brand? Midea is the world’s largest producer of major appliances and the world’s No.1 brand of air-treatment products, air-coolers, kettles and rice cookers. A link has directed you to this review. No. Here are the reviews of their best models. We are now able to purchase freezable items, I love this freezer. The unit worked great for 14 months, just after the warranty period expired. The damaged part is worth P3,800 - the assessment fee is P350 - the labor for repair is P850 the total cost of repair is P5,000. It’s perfect. Today they told me that the schedule of repair will be on Monday Sept 10, 2018. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. This is very hard to access and no idea how to replace it. Compared to other brands that uses non-inverter technology, Midea is a quality brand. If you don’t have time to waste when it comes to cooling down, Midea U Shaped Window Air Conditioners are one of the best types of window air conditioners you can buy…, Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner 12,000BTU, The First U-Shaped AC with Open Window Flexibility, Easy & Quick Installation, Extreme Quiet, 35% Energy Saving, WiFi, Alexa, Remote. The Midea washing machine and dryer that I had worked well for me. A brand that values its customers, takes the time to compose a personal message, which is perceived naturally in a positive light. Just bought the 7kg today. Are Midea Portable Air Conditioners Good? Evaluate whether Midea washing machine is good or not. The Midea U Shaped Window Air Conditioner is a smart appliance that can cool down a hot room almost instantly. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. The wash dry cycles take forever and the fluff from the dry cycle stays in the barrel to spoil the next load. Washes all clothes thoroughly and efficiently as well as the dryer was outstanding with its performance. When you want to clean out the filter you unscrew as normal, it but there is no filter basket attached to it to catch the bits - apparently the huge amount of water that then gushes out over the floor is presumably to wash out any bits. Although most of them operate on over 50 dB noise level, they are good … The washing machine was white in color and was an older model, a top-loading model. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. I will definitely not recommend it. It was going to cost too much to repair them, so they got replaced. Very easy to use. ", Is Midea A Good Brand For Freezers, Fridges, And Air Conditioners, Midea Is A Good Brand For Compact Refrigerators, Midea Is A Good Brand For Upright Freezers. This lets you save energy costs during the coldest hours of the night. Midea Microwave ovens. Top manufacturers typically use the same components. Midea refrigerators are low-cost products but are favored and appreciated by consumers for their beautiful design and quality food preservation technology.However, which country Midea refrigerator is good or not is a question that many customers still wonder when choosing this brand … Our home has had at least 5 dehumidifiers in the past 10 years, with varying life spans or issues. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Midea Washers and Dryers? Can dry large blankets fast. (Watches With A Conservative Elegance), Is AKKON A Good Brand? So this Midea is a top seller here at Amazon and now I know why. Weeks go by then they insisted on needing the electrician's information to assure he was a certified electrician so I sent that information over. (Still Making Top Quality Tools), Is Bostitch A Good Brand? (Headlights & Tail Lights That Look Good), Is Akebono A Good Brand? Had to spin them twice and they still felt too we. I called the warranty people in October 2019 and they was persistent on my dryer not working because the voltage of the plug in wasn’t correct even though I assured them it was because it worked the nine months prior. No issues with it so far, can wash large loads and dry them. The dryer would only come on sometimes then it completely stopped coming on???? See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. A fantastic extra addition to your current refrigerator. If you NEED to purchase a portable AC unit, t, So instead of needing to occupy two windows in order to keep all options open, with. Yes, Midea portable air conditioners are very good. Very good, cleans well, fast cycle settings. MIDEA MAW10R1BWT. They then proceeded to ask for pictures so I had to pay him to come back out a second time so I could get pictures as Proof, after I sent proof Over they stated they was trying to locate a service technician. With Midea fridges, your food will stay fresh while your electric bill stays low. Our Midea Upright Freezer Buying Guide Whether you’ve heard of it or not, Midea is a top appliance manufacturer, making products for retailers across the world. Midea's brand … Also I like that there is a drawer in the fridge portion. I went back to Uncle Wiener store where I bought it and they told me the warranty was only 6 months and it had expired. No techie or spec stuff just does it do what we need it do. The following Midea portable air conditioner is a great example…. … Midea Is A Good Brand For Window Air Conditioners, Midea Has Released The First U-Shaped AC with Open Window Flexibility, Midea MAP12S1BWT 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Fan, 6 Reasons Why You Will Love The Compact Midea Chest Freezer, 8 Reasons Why MIDEA Dehumidifier Is The Solution For Your Home, Finally, A Window Air Conditioner That Is Very Easy To Install, 45 Practical Gift Ideas For Christmas, Birthday, And Housewarming, A Heavy Duty Escape Proof Dog Crate That Can’t Be Broken Out Of, Is Lorex A Good Brand? Whether you entertain a great deal or just like keeping foods on hand for convenience, the Midea … What a great value for the cubic foot. As long as one abides by the warranty, it can be serviceable in the future. First of all it is quiet, and that alone is huge. We never had any trouble out of the machines until the end. Of course, … The part was over $100, but was easy to replace. Also can wash a lot of clothes. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Home » Good Appliance Brands » Is Midea A Good Brand For Freezers, Fridges, And Air Conditioners, Midea is a reputable global company that operates in over 195 countries. (Brake Pads That Mechanics Trust), Is Aisin A Good Brand? 1 brand of air-treatment products, air-coolers, kettles and rice cookers. A full size functioning washer and dryer combo. (Quality Fast Laptops Worth Every Penny), I put it in a walk-in closet in the bedroom. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our Midea is also a good brand for upright freezers with the following freezer being the best rated…, If you are interested in the Midea Upright Freezer we go into more detail about it here… The Midea Upright Freezer With Shelves, Midea WHS-109FW1 Upright Freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet. Save your sanity and just spend a tad bit more on a better brand because within nine months the heating element went out and days after that started going south. We value your privacy. Also the freezer is a good enough size that you could keep a few things in there. I ordered the Midea Portable AC online through Amazon and it arrived the same week that I purchased it. 3. If you’re looking for a slim, … You know, I thought it was going to be a surprise but I didn’t realize I was going to have this much space. All 3 separate issues but a real pain and obviously this is not a good product. Our Top Pick. Some models work to cool and heat a room depending on your need. I love to delve into products and brands to uncover what customers love the most about them. When I ask to speak to a manger she says “my manger will be in a meeting for 1-2 hours”. 2 months later the door lock went error code E31. Midea is one of the most appreciated brands of dishwashers on the market today. Ever since Midea AC entered the market in 1985, it has created a benchmark for residential air conditioners. There’s no need to cool unused places in the home and they’re easy to move around. There … Midea is also a good brand for window air conditioners with the following Midea air conditioner available in various sizes…, If you are interested in the Midea Window Air Conditioner we go into more detail about it here… Finally, A Window Air Conditioner That Is Very Easy To Install, MIDEA MAW12R1BWT Window Air Conditioner 12000 BTU Easycool AC (Cooling, Dehumidifier and Fan Functions) for Rooms up to 550 Sq, ft. with Remote Control. I like the way it looks, loves the really attractive price for a unit of this. FAQ. Stylish, sleek and outstanding design make the ugly old days of washer and dryer a thing of the past. The dryer was the matching companion to the washing machine. Midea is the world’s largest producer of major appliances and the world’s No.1 brand of air-treatment products, air-coolers, kettles and rice cookers.*. * Each year, Midea wins 40+ design awards at different … As we have seen Midea is a brand that many families trust when it comes to purchasing a good quality appliance and their chest freezers are … How quiet? We wash a lot of clothes. Washes clothes okay but the spin cycle I found left a lot to be desired. Midea 1.2 cu. Have large size. You may read more about us to know what we have achieved so far. The way these look are beyond fantastic. Unsubscribe easily. So you need to make some kind of chute attachment. The above table shows Top 10 Midea … Dry very fast, good settings, modern and convenient. The drawing in the manual shows a filter basket attached and says also that some models come with a hose to let the water drain out of the filter but this model doesn't have either. The company has a number of product lines priced under 3 million. It has a surprising amount of storage space inside and keeps items thoroughly Frozen. Agitator controls make using this washer a breeze. The Midea is hands down the best of the bunch. Very reliable. You can also purchase directly from Midea. Beyond Midea's eponymous brand name, the company also … 10000 (other options available) Up to 450 sq. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! If you are interested in the following Midea Chest Freezer we go into more detail about it here… 6 Reasons Why You Will Love The Compact Midea Chest Freezer, Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer, 7.0 Cubic Feet, White. Midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Chest Freezer 3.5 Cu Ft Review. We had the machines and still used them up until about 8 years ago. Midea may be a relative unknown in the world of air conditioning, but that doesn’t make it any less of a contender for your keep-cool money. Can I demand penalty for the delay? The average annual cost of running a Midea chest freezer is around $30. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, so you can get the right size for your household. Read reviews and complaints about Midea washers and dryers, ... Shop top brands on Appliances Connection. Other than that it does seem to wash well. Really like that it’s a compact upright freezer. Below we have listed the top-selling products provided by Midea with customer thoughts about the Midea brand…. But we went ahead and we hired an electrician to come test out the voltage and it was correct, called Midea back to inform them it was the correct voltage. Midea offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in the home appliance … ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Installed in Bedroom, so quiet operation a must, this unit does not disappoint, very quiet even with fan speed on high. The set up was a breeze. After researching the options and most of the competition, I decided on the Midea Portable AC and I’m super glad that I did! One only needs to consult the owner's manual, and have the necessary help for an expert technician come to your aid to help/and make repairs. Based in China, Midea has operations in 195 countries and an annual global revenue of $22 billion. It's annoying as the door flap is in the way of collecting the water, causing it to gush out sideways, and there's too much water to collect with a bath mat - at least half a liter. One if air conditioning, the other is dehumidifying, and third is a straight up fan. Unsubscribe at any time. Has easy to use and operate buttons and knobs. Great compact upright freezer… It is the size of a tall dorm refrigerator/ freezer. Window. I absolutely love it! ft. 1000-Watt Commercial Counter Top Microwave Oven in Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior, Programmable Midea actually aren't too bad for being a cheapie brand, but go the main manufacturers if possible, … Is a Midea air conditioner good value for money? Midea Home Appliances Midea is the world's No.1 consumer appliances*, world’s No.1 major appliances producer* and the world’s No.1 brand in small cooking appliances* sector such as kettles and rice … You may also be interested in… 45 Practical Gift Ideas For Christmas, Birthday, And Housewarming and 20 Best Filter Air Purifiers You Can Buy. I couldn't find another affordable set of Midea. Midea annually wins 40+ design awards across a variety of reputable global design shows such as Red Dot, iF and other design competitions. I'm tired of hearing their inefficiency. Midea was great with diagnosis. Even though I sleep in the next room I can leave the door open. The Midea Portable unit comes with great features like the sleep mode, turbo function, 1800 auto swing, on/off timer and a two-year warranty. As we have seen Midea is a brand that many families trust when it comes to purchasing a good quality appliance and their chest freezers are also very reliable. Whether you’re searching for a mini-fridge or a full-size fridge and freezer duo, Midea has several models to choose from and they all have glowing customer reviews.

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