Key Features. Roste poměrně pomalu a dorůstá do výÅ¡ky 0,5-1 m. Vytváří vzpřímeně rostoucí, kompaktní keř. Availability: In stock This photo is of "Euonymus japonica "Kathy"" in Chrispook's garden Small green flowers bloom in summer and are occasionally followed by fruit in autumn . Leaf, main color Dark green. Transport gratuit pentru comenzi de peste 500 RON. Euonymus japonicus, commonly called Japanese euonymus, is a dense oval evergreen shrub of the spindle tree family that typically grows to 10-15’ tall and to 5-8’ wide in cultivation, but may soar to as much as 25’ tall in the wild.It is native to Japan, Korea and China. Toxicity (if consumed) Highly toxic. Comnezi Telefonice zilnic la : 0724-528296. It can be trimmed to the required shape and height, is perfect for use as hedging or screening. Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' (PBR) Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. Join now. Product ref: S3F001 'Kathy' is a superb variety of Euonymus and has very attractive foliage. Why are there no more details? Euonymus japonicus Aureomarginatus is a a bushy, evergreen shrub with variegated yellow and green leaves. It is suitable for most sites and can be used in containers, borders and as hedging. Noted for its cheerful variegated foliage, Euonymus japonicus 'Microphyllus Aureovariegatus' (Japanese Spindle) is an upright, bushy, evergreen shrub with small, yellow-rimmed, deep-green leaves. De stive, lige grene bærer lysegrønne blade gennem sommeren og små gul-grønne blomster som blomstrer i foråret. Květy jsou nevýrazné. At present our information about this plant is limited to a list of the nurseries that supply it. Leaf, general shape Elliptic / oval. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Benved - Prydbuske. A few tiny, inconspicuous, yellow flowers are produced in late spring and early summer, which are rarely followed by fruits. Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' Euonymus, often called spindle or spindle tree, is a genus of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and small trees. This small, evergreen shrub bears attractive, glossy grey-green leaves, each edged with a silvery-white margin. Euonymus Japonicus 'Kathy' from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: green leaves splashed & marginated white. There are 60 different forms of euonymus available from American sources. Euonymus Japonicus Aureopictus Bravo 20Ltr Trellis Climber. Listed in the RHS Plant Finder. Some of the particularly eye-catching varieties that would do well isolated in a large container as much as they would in a group planting include the elegant Euonymus Japonicus Marieke, Euonymus Japonicus Kathy, and the pearly white Euonymus Japonicus Paloma Blanca. See who else has plants in genus Euonymus. Pokud chcete keř tvarovat řezem, nejvhodnějÅ¡í doba je na jaře. The leaves usually have a finely serrated margin. Leaf, secondary color(s) White. This plant is listed in the RHS Plant Finder book. Tuin. Euonymus japonicus 'KATHY' Euonymus japonicus 'KATHY' Japanese spindle. 5X Euonymus Japonicus 10-15cm "Kathy" - 9cm Pot The Euonymus Japonicus "Kathy", is a compact, variagated evergreen shrub perfect for ornamental hedging and topiary. Striking Autumn Colour Display with Deciduous Spindle Tree Cultivars Les feuilles persistantes de cet arbuste dense, à port buissonnant ou érigé, sont ovales, dentées, vert foncé, marginé de blanc. DESCRIPTION: Hardy low maintenance evergreen shrub with deep green small oval leaves, slightly serrated at the edges.Very upright in habit, ideal for narrow hedges USES: Plant as a formal hedge or border plant along a driveway. Euonymus japonicus (evergreen spindle or Japanese spindle) is a species of flowering plant in the family Celastraceae, native to Japan, Korea and China. Euonymus japonicus Kathy is very popular for all sorts of positions because they provide year round interest and are well suited to all positions (including cold, windy, coastal, exposed) and virtually all soils (all but the wettest). Euonymus japonicus 'Ovatus Aureus' is capable of withstanding windy, coastal and exposed sites and will take to all but the wettest of soils. Photo Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' Photo Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' EN RU. A great evergreen shrub for use as a hedge or screen that is adaptable to adverse conditions including poor soil and hot climates. Euonymus Japonicus Aureopictus/Aureus (Japanese Spindle) Euonymus Japonicus Francien. Plant Information Planting & Pruning Advice Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' is a lovely low growing hedging plant and shrub that can be planted to make a colourful border or formal hedge. It is an evergreen shrub or small tree growing to 2–8 m (6 ft 7 in–26 ft 3 in) tall, with opposite, oval leaves 3–7 cm long with finely serrated margins. Japonské brsleny jsou stálezelené keře, výjimečně stromky s roubovanou korunou v nižší výÅ¡ce, které se v jižních zemích a ve státech s mírnými zimami těší velké oblibě.Základní druh má sytě zelené listy, kultivary jsou pestrobarevné. See who else is growing Euonymus japonicus (Japanese Euonymus). Attractive foliage Easy to grow Versatile Suitable for coastal areas Height 60cm Spread 60cm Euonymus Japonicus 'Kathy' is a small evergreen shrub with oval green leaves edged silvery-white. Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' Soyez le premier à laisser un avis sur ce produit ! The flowers are inconspicuous and of green or yellow shades. The leaves are small and densley packed, which makes them easy to manage a clip into tight shpaes. The flowers are inconspicuous, greenish-white, 5 mm diameter. Euonymus Japonicus Marieke Evergreen, bushy shrub that bears green foliage edged in yellow Learn More. Comenzi Telefonice . Arbust decorativ prin portul caracteristic și frunzele persistente (în permanență verzi). Type : Arbuste. Euonymus japonicus Kathy. Japanese Euonymus Euonymus japonicus 'Grandifolius' Sku #3500. Plant Type: Hedging Plant Height & Spread: 100cm x 100cm Foliage Colour: Dark Green, White Foliage Type: Evergreen Seasons of Interest: All Seasons Soil Condition: Well-Drained, Free draining Euonymus Green Spire Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’ This is a much smaller leafed type of Euonymus japonicus looking rather like a Common Box plant at first glance, and with a similar growth rate and habit it makes a great substitute of you have a box blight problem. 404. Se dezvoltă la o înălțime cuprinsă între 80-100 de centimetri. Euonymus japonicus 'Ovatus Aureus' is: Evergreen. Leaf margin Serrate. Leaf size 4 - 5 cm. Marime : C2; Cumpara. Taille adulte (H x L): 1.5m x 1.5m. £12.95. Share Google+ Pinterest Tipareste RON 16.5. Hardy Shrub. Leaf colour, pattern Marginate. Noteworthy Characteristics. Euonymus japonicus 'Francien' Variegated Japanese spindle - 2 litres. Evergreen - oval leaves 3-5cm (1-2in) long, narrowly margined.Height - 4m (13ft) Woody plant, usually having a permanent framework of branches. Utilisation : Plante de haie. 'Kathy' is a small, bushy, evergreen shrub with oval, glossy, green and white variegated foliage. The deciduous species have eye catching autumn leaves. 'Kathy') Transport Gratuit. Capable of withstanding outdoor winter temperatures down to -15C. Florile sunt nesemnificative.Se poate planta solitar, în grupuri, garduri vii (tunse sau libere) și de-a lungul zidurilor. They range from evergreen shrubs, such as Japanese euonymus (Euonymus japonicus), to evergreen vines, such as wintercreeper euonymus (E. fortunei), to deciduous groundcovers, such as running euonymus (E. obovatus).All euonymus species prefer full sun or light shade and fertile, moist, well-drained soil. Euonymus Dan's Delight. Euonymus Japonicus 'Kathy' Euonymus Japonicus Aureomarginatus 1/2 Standard 90cm Clear Stem, 35-40cm Head, 18.5Ltr Pot. Euonymus japonicus Kathy also known as Japanese Spindle Bush are creamy white variegated evergreen hedging shrubs, very popular for all sorts of positions because they provide year-round interest and are well suited to all positions (including cold, windy, coastal, exposed) and virtually all soils. SIZE/TYPE: medium-sized shrub: USUAL HEIGHT: 0.5-1m: USUAL WIDTH: 0.5-0.8m: LEAVES: evergreen broadleaf: ... Kathy is one the modern Japanese spindles with variegated foliage and compact growth. Spindle 'Ovatus Aureus' hedge (Euonymus japonicus 'Ovatus Aureus') description In order for the brightest variegation to occur, it is best to plant Euonymus japonicus 'Ovatus Aureus' in full sun however it can be planted in partial shade. Euonymus Coen Dekkers Euonymus japonicus Marieke Euonymus japonicus Kathy Euonymus japonicus Areomarginata Microphylla Euonymus japonicus Euonymus stekken Euonymus plantgoed Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' Hedge Plants Description. Upright and compact with deep green evergreen glossy foliage. Special Price £5.40 Regular Price £7.50. Roste v živných humózních půdách. Kathy patří mezi novějÅ¡í, moderní odrůdy japonských brslenů s … Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' - brslen japonský Rostliny / keře listnaté stálezelené Japonské brsleny jsou stálezelené keře, výjimečně stromky s roubovanou korunou v nižší výÅ¡ce, které se v jižních zemích a ve státech s mírnými zimami těší velké oblibě. Oválné, lesklé, jemně vroubkované listy jsou tmavě zelené a na okraji mají krémově bílý lem. Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' is known for its super creamy white variegated leaves and this evergreen hedging shrub provides year round interest and colour. Jun 18, 2020 - Take a look at Euonymus Kathy hedge plants from industry experts - Best4hedging are rated over 96% for service & quality, see for yourself! Euonymus japonicus 'Kathy' (Standard) Evergreen Spindle, Japanese Spindle Tree. Euonymus Euonymus. Habit Featured on: euonymus evergreens. Brslen japonský ´Kathy´ (Euonymus japonicus ´Kathy´) Brslen Kathy je velmi hustý, Å¡iroce rostoucí keř, list zelený s bílým okrajem neopadavý.

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