In conclusion, natural and synthetic fibers both have advantages and disadvantages, however synthetic fabrics tend to be more energy efficient and less costly. it will not absorb sweat and we will feel comfortable. (5) … Synthetic fibres have many advantages over natural fibres: 1. Advantages and disadvantages of natural fibres in general relate to durability, fibre strength and commercial acceptance. These characteristics exert a strong influence on the fibre-matrix interfacial adhesion in the composite. natural fibers include cotton, wool, silk and linen. Synthetic fibres are not attacked by … (5) They are less expensive than natural fibres . (6) When the material is burned, “severe melting and dripping occur” according to the City of Phoenix fire home safety page about flammable fabric. Synthetic fibers include nylon, rayon, polyester, dacron and a few others. Other considerations include cost, the renewable nature of natural fibers compared to synthetics, lack of skin irritations and the biodegradability of natural fibers. Most synthetic fibres have good elasticity. Solution : Large scale production, cost, durability Related Video. They do not wrinkle easily. It is not environmental friendly because some fibres like polypropylene is harmful. Man made fibres created in laboratories are called synthetic fibres. do not rot in weather. Synthetic fibres have many advantages over natural fibres: 1. Because natural fibers are, well, natural, they don’t last as long as some synthetics. Synthetic fabrics tend to be more stain resistant, and some are even designed to resist staining, therefor synthetic clothing can be great for daily, regular wear. They possess good electrical resistance. Today, there are two types of dyes that manufacturers use – synthetic and natural dyes. They have a low specific weight due to which they possess higher strength. They have some very serious drawbacks. They don’t need to be re-formed or chemically altered in order to be used as a fiber. We see these finishes advertised as “water resistant”, “stain resistant”, “wrinkle free”, “flame retardant” and “no iron”. While many products on the market today are covered in polyester and nylon synthetic materials, there are healthier cotton and wool natural materials available – and becoming more popular among consumers! Cotton absorbs well. Finishes are commonly added to textiles and help them resist water, stains, wrinkles, flames and more. For centuries textiles have been dyed to give them color and pizzazz. The main disadvantage of using natural fibre is that obtaining fibre is quite expensive. (3) They are easy to clean . Groundbreaking hacks for practical nontoxic living. Synthetic fibres don't allow for much air to pass through so this makes it may cause some discomfort when wearing it (Troøyen, Fabrics for Dummies: Synthetic Fibers). However, the ease of dying, high demand in human wear and being environment friendly can be seen as advantages of natural fibres over the synthetics. In this case, crude oil. Synthetic fibres are very strong. Byproduct simply means that the product was made from another product. (2) They dry quickly . Recently, natural fibres are emerging as reinforcement fibres for composite materials in automotive, furniture, packaging and building industries. They cover (ha! Advantages- each has its own characteristics. do not shrink Synthetic fibres do not depend either on an agricultural crop as cotton, flax and jute do, or on animal farming as silk and wool do. 4. these are not a good food source for fabric damaging insects. We should, therefore, not wear synthetic clothes while working in in the kitchen or in a laboratory. Deeper colors are available. Advantages and disadvantages of natural fibers in general relate to durability, fiber strength and commercial acceptance. Apart from synthetic fibres, most natural fibres are relatively hydrophilic, have a rough surface and are physico-chemically heterogeneous. Synthetic are cheaper to produce , longer lasting than natural but not so comfortable to wear.

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