Overall, I feel the KRISS Vector is step in the right direction for a modern pistol caliber carbine. No products in the cart. Das große Hauptteil mit dem Magazinschacht wird einfach auf die Vorderrail aufgeschoben und hinten zum Griffstück geklappt. Reply. Lt.Dan 19/09/2020. Aug 15, 2014 2 Michael. The most unique feature of the Kriss Vector is the recoil mitigation system called the “Super V System” that sends recoil at a downward rear angle. The offering is another quality product from CCI, who already create some of the best .22 LR ammo around. The Kriss Vector has an unmistakable look. While many may see it and use it as a PCC, it’s actually classified as a handgun because of the short barrel and lack of a stock. CCI Clean Offers a Mess Free Solution in .22 LR. The KRISS Vector is one of the most popular subguns in the world and with good reason. Stay in the know. Kriss Vector SDP-SB. This rifle reverted back to closely resemble the original design dimension-wise. Summary: Paul Markel’s review of and rating for the KRISS Vector SDP pistol, including a description, range report, photos, pricing, specs and user ratings. Get Guns.com offers and news, Need [email protected] (866)582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 ©2019 Guns.com. Not their first rodeo The Kriss Vector series of guns brought a new and innovative operating system to the firearms world. The theory is that at the end of this travel, the energy is transmitted downward rather than rearward. Black will always be in style but if you want something a little different you can purchase one in OD or Flat Dark Earth. If you like to shoot suppressed then a Vector in .45 ACP would be well suited or perhaps if you are a hunter then a 10mm with more mustard maybe be the way to go. KRISS USA sent their Vector 22 CRB and SDP-SB in for review. (Photo: Ben Brown/Guns.com). However, it is collapsible. It fills he hands and makes manipulating the 45-degree safety and trigger a little easier. Zumindest wenn man es funktional haben will. With a 6.5-inch barrel, the Kriss Vector SDP SB measures in at 18.5 inches overall and weighs almost 7.5 pounds unloaded. The newest edition is the Special Duty Pistol with a stabilizing brace, or Kriss Vector SDP SB. They use a recoil absorption system that moves the bolt from the horizontal to the vertical planes via their Super V mechanism, plus a low mounted barrel. Dann wird der neue Magazinfanghebel eingebaut, der ist wesentlich leichter zu bedienen als der alte, weil man nun vom Abzug aus nur mit dem Zeigefinger vor drücken muss, um das Magazin zu lösen. Kriss offers the Vector in seven different cerakote options. FAZIT: Auch Spass muss sein. stellt militärische Ausrüstung vor. The Kriss Vector SDP SB is very comfortable to manipulate. Even though the Vector I was using was chambered in a light recoiling round like 9mm, I could tell that recoil was diminished by the Super V. In fact, recoil was so soft it was a little hard to tell when the bolt locked back after the last round. Kriss USA, owned by the Switzerland-based company Kriss Group, brought the Kriss Vector stateside in 2011. Und ihr könnt damit auch indoor schießen und viel Spaß haben – und das ohne Waffenschein und Magazinbeschränkung. I will warn you, this is not an inexpensive rifle, but it’s worth your attention. KRISS Vector 22 CRB. Lolinski says: June 2, 2014 at 11:12 . Wir auch. Around this core we build a layer of gear and manufacturer news. Every edge and grip area is contoured or beveled to streamline the firearm. DEVELOPMENT GROUP MEDIA, WEGA rulez – der neue Patch von Patchlab.de –, Modern rifle meets leather: @heraarmsgermany gives, New PHANTOMLEAF Gear by UR-TACTICAL – full story, Monday - Let’s Go to work The front MLOK rail shrouds the end of the 6.5-inch threaded barrel (1/2×28) and provides some real estate for accessories. Für die Stryfe gibt es viele Kits zum Umbauen – von SCAR bis AK – , wir aber wissen, was wir wollen. Das neue Waffensystem bietet einige Verbesserungen gegenüber dem Orginalentwurf und wird in mehreren Ausführungen erhältlich sein. As for the brace, it rides on a smooth buffer tube. While nothing is perfect, the Kriss Vector has a lot of the characteristics of a great sub-gun. The Vector operating system effectively re-directs the energy of the bolt, so felt recoil is minimized. For example, to keep their premier firearm as user-friendly as possible, they opted for a non-reciprocated charging handle that is surprisingly intuitive. TFB REVIEW: KRISS Vector in 10mm! Kriss Vector CRB .45ACP Review. The Kriss Vector SDP SB functioned flawlessly shooting American Eagle ammo supplied by AmmunitionToGo. Select 10mm from the drop down menu. Please Note:.40S&W, and 10mm Bolt Assembly utilize the same components. While the 9mm lower looks the same as the.45 ACP lower, the parts are redesigned for the smaller cartridge. Wer Pefektionist ist, kann auch das Innenleben pimpen, aber nachdem der Schaumpfeil seine unüberwindbaren ballistischen Limitierungen hat, haben wir das sein gelassen. Wir führen damit sogar Alltagskonflikte – und alle lachen. Vielleicht kriegt sie auch noch einen Paintjob, aber orange-schwarz schaucht auch sehr cool aus. DEVELOPMENT GROUP MEDIA. Looking to feed your Vector? The newest generation of the Vector continues to use the legendary Kriss Super V operating system. Vector SDP. Cart. DMK 22C. Every edge and grip area is contoured or beveled to streamline the firearm. It’s different than most pistol caliber carbines. While the brace was designed to wrap around a forearm, shouldering it is also acceptable usage. I think this is a gun that gets overlooked a lot in the climate where PCC’s are very popular. The first thing I did was change up some accessories. And it makes sense. SPARTANAT’s core competence is tactical as well as milspec gear & equipment. This allows the bolt and an inertia block to move downward into a recess behind the magazine well. Das ist Perfektionismus, diese Teile verhindern, dass ihr beim Greifen der Nerf abrutscht. The Vector’s receiver is built from high-impact, ultra-rugged polymer with a steel frame underneath. For other great rifles, handguns, and shotguns, check out the collection inside the Guns.com Vault and Certified Used Guns. I got over pistol caliber SMGs when I realized that the AR and AK platforms let you pack far more firepower into a similar package. By now, if you haven’t shot a KRISS, know someone who owns one or at least … What do you think of the KRISS Vector? DoitwithstyleFreedomFunKRISSNerfReviewsStryfeTacticoolVector. If you normally shoot at established shooting ranges, let me explain what that means: in Canada, federally-owned wilderness is called 'Crown land', and it's often possible to go to your nearby Crown land to hunt or shoot. In an industry where the wheel seems to get reinvented daily, true innovation is really appreciated from my perspective. I personally liked the Combat Grey color that made the black controls and rails “pop” on the gun. (Photo: Ben Brown/Guns.com) (Photo: Ben Brown/Guns.com), When not in use, the stabilizing brace collapses and folds neatly to the side. Es kriegt noch Vordergriff, Klappvisiere und einen EOTech-Klon. Denn auf das Stück werden kleine Rails aufgeschraubt und nun könnt ihr seitlich auch ein Waffenlicht montieren. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn wir Ihr Gear besprechen dürften. Es gibt Nerf Kits, die kommen mit Schalldämpfer und Innenlauf, aber der ist rund. The Vector 22 CRB is a 1:1 rimfire version of their Vector carbine which is normally chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm, or .45 ACP. Posted November 9, 2016 in Companies, NFA / Suppressors / Class III, Pistols, Reviews by Pete with 57 Comments Tags: 10mm, Armscor, KRISS, pdw, Vector. Originally designed as a submachine gun, it’s perfectly sized as a PCC and more marketable in that configuration for civilian sales. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. KONTAKT: [email protected] Kriss Vector Gen II SDP-SB Enhanced 9mm Luger Semi Auto Pistol 6.5"Barrel 17 Rounds Pistol Stabilizing Black KV90PSBBL31. It’s It is going the extra step for the consumer. The gun is 25.6 inches long with the brace extended and 18.5 inches folded. The Kriss Vector SDP SB features folding sights, a threaded barrel, a full length Picatinny rail, and ambidextrous controls. Thus reducing the felt recoil. Pro Woche veröffentlichen wir mehrere Ausrüstungsreviews. They make unique pistol-calibre, centrefire, semiautomatic series of firearms. Vector SDP-The smallest and lightest form factor of the KRISS Vector. Feuerwahl- und Sicherungshebel finden sich auf beiden Seiten der Waffe. Schaut cool aus, führt aber dazu, dass man bei einer Hemmung en Wartungsschacht in der Mitte des Gehäuses nicht mehr öffnen kann. Review: Krytac KRISS Vector AEG (0,5 J) CQB, anyone? Wir haben diesen Schaft genommen, der wir einfach auf der modularen Stryfe hinten aufgesteckt. KRISS. At 7.5 pounds, it weighs as much as an AR-15. 0 Reviews Hide Reviews Show Reviews × Related Products; Customers Also Viewed; Vector Slider Assembly. – Die HIER haben sie. Exterior wise the Vector 22 looks just like the CRB model however there are some differences right away. SPARTANAT would like to welcome you on board and present your products to our readers. I spend a lot of time shooting on Crown land, so I have a selection of non-restricted firearms. Die Nerf Stryfe ist eine elektrische Nerf. The KRISS is no different but fortunately this is a … Sos schaut das fertige Baby aus. Worker kommt aus China und hat sich auch das modden von Nerfs spezialisiert. #shooter #rifle #gun, WORKER Kriss Vector Imitation Kit Combo 11 Items for Nerf N-Strike Stryfe Blaster, REVIEW: Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops Predator Pack, REVIEW: FFI Woodland Camo Gen3 Combat Set EX. Skip to content. Full metal construction, 10/22 barrel compatible, AR-15 furniture compatible sporting rifle. Jeder kann sie haben. Login . Nicht zu fest schrauben, sonst hebt sie ab. Still, you couldn’t ask for much more for performance. CONTACT: [email protected] But KRISS skipped on the K10 release and finally gave us the KRISS Vector Gen II. This is the KRISS Vector bolt assembly and is compatible with all KRISS Vector Generation I and Generation II firearms, including the SDP, CRB, SBR, and SMG. It’s as if someone pulled it out of a science fiction movie. FFL Authorization # 4-61-125-01-1J-34623; SHOP & SAVE UP TO 20% OFF; Call or Email at: +1 (256) 294-1767 | [email protected] Shipping charges:$50; SHOP & SAVE UP TO 20% OFF; Menu. Click Here To Check Price : 2: C-MORE Systems SlideRide Red Dot Sight with Standard Switch. Florida-based Diamondback Firearms announced their new DBX 5.7x28mm pistol earlier this year and the neat little gun is now filtering out to the market. I recently had the exclusive opportunity to lay my hands on a Kriss Vector CRB .45 ACP. This mechanism allows the gun’s bolt to move back and then downward into the bottom of the gun. In most weapons, the recoil from the weapon is directed backwards into the shooter’s body, which doesn’t sound bad at first but if you ever lugged a heavy weapon around and fired it all day, you know that ounces and controllability matter, especially in … Different calibers appeal to a wider variety of consumers. Likewise, the American arms company … Even the side … The overall size of the Vector is big compared to a lot of the other sub-guns available. Although its price tag positions the CRB among the more expensive pistol-caliber carbines on the market, its Super V recoil mitigation system and multi-cali… Marlin v. Henry: Modernized Lever Gun Showdown. The Kriss Vector SDP SB is very comfortable to manipulate. The one reviewed here is a Gen 1, but they have since released a Gen 2 as well. Kriss has a very innovative design with the Vector and it’s great to see them make improvements to the with the second generation. There was no means for adding a sling to my test model, but KRISS offers mounts on its website. Die Rail wird auf die Nerf Rails aufgeschoben und mit Madenschrauben fixiert. Featured Tacticool Toys & Games 0 Kommentare 1. Take a look at our recommendations for .45 ACP and 9mmammo! Its .45 ACP chambering gives it substantially power while still remaining easy to shoot, and its small form factor makes it ideal for tight environments. REVIEW: Nerf Stryfe goes Kriss Vector. And, when chambered in one of the more energetic cartridges offered, could even find success within certain short-range hunting scenarios. All Rights Reserved, Gun Review: The Second Generation Kriss Vector. Compared to the Vector gen 1, the gen 2 model has a couple external additions that make it a little more user friendly. Ein Bolzen beim Griffstück verschließt das neue Gehäuse. BOLBR: review and upgrade of kriss vector gel blaster.sure I could fire it at a fence for you to watch. Nonetheless, it may take a few mags to get the hang of it. Recoil Advantage… Pistols. SPARTANAT is brought to you by It feeds from polymer Glock 20 magazines and one 15-round magazine is included in the box. Such an item was Kriss’s Vector 22 CRB. You can’t really adjust for length-of-pull because it moves too much on the tube. pwrserge says: June 2, 2014 at 11:03 . As with most firearms designed to be used in a specific configuration, such as the HK MP5 / SP5K or the Uzi, there are things lost in the civilian translation. I’d really like to see them bring the shelved Kriss KARD pistol out, showing that the Super-V recoil system isn’t just a pistol caliber carbine one-trick-pony. Review: Krytac KRISS Vector AEG (0,5 J) Funktionen, Features, Feuermodi. For obvious reasons, like availability and popularity, PCC’s are usually released in only 9mm. Editor’s Handgun Review. Unconventional controls and unorthodox aesthetics notwithstanding, the eminently controllable Kriss USA Vector Gen II CRB is a slick piece of technology that would make a capable home defense firearm for the recoil averse. If you live in a snowy environment have no fear because Alpine White is also available. Kriss is continuing to refine the system, which is already an effective method of mitigating recoil. Und über die Oberseite kommt diese Rail. We greatly enjoyed running it through its paces. Wer es fix haben will, sollte hier vielleicht sogar kleben. (Photo: Ben Brown/Guns.com). Es gibt aber noch einen, der mehr Kriss aussschaut, werden wir vermutlich noch tauschen. We take a look at the DDM4 V7, an M-LOK railed version of a rifle that came out around 2016. Although it’s been around for almost a decade now, behind the boxy frame is still somewhat of a mystery. Einfach einstecken. Kriss Vector? Die Krytac KRISS Vector AEG verfügt wie ihr Vorbild über drei Schussmodi: Einzelfeuer, Zwei-Schuss-Feuerstoß und Dauerfeuer. Vector 22 CRB-The rimfire reproduction that incorporates the aesthetics and ergonomics of the iconic KRISS Vector carbine. Thinking about … Als erstes müssen wir die Nerf öffnen, geht leicht und problemslos. December 24, 2016. Although it took on some of the flexible characteristics and technology that was developed within the K10 prototype. Click Here To Check Price: 3: VECTOR OPTICS Wraith 1x22x33mm 3 MOA Mini Red Dot Scope Sight with Automatic Motion Sensor and … Every week we bring our readers two to three reviews. Die Basis unserer „Waffe“ ist eine Nerf Stryfe, der Rest ist Kit von Worker zum modden der Nerf, dass sie wie eine Kriss Vector in etwa ausschaut. While there are aspects I would choose to change on the model sent for testing, I see great potential in it. 2017, REVIEW: Hazard Concept CNVD-T Themal Clip-On Dummy, Men’s Friday: der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm. Even the side charging handle is spring loaded so that it hugs the side when not in use. Wir haben einen gefunden, der schaut aus wie der korrekte und ist 3D gedruckt und kommt hier von Etsy. Kaum eine andere Airsoft-Waffe wurde 2017 so ungeduldig erwartet wie die Krytac KRISS Vector. comments. Kriss Vector? Der neue Innenlauf geht durch die ganze Länge und wird bei der Nerf vorne einfach eingesteckt.

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