POKEMON STADIUM 2. Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. pokemon stadium 2 is copyrighted by nintendo. If you go to the area in front of the Safari zone, you can catch Vulpix. She has long brown hair that reaches her waist with two orange beads that tie two locks of her hair in pigtails. The original movesets in Stadium 2 were not the best (to say the least). Instead, they simply express their gratitude of the player for helping the sick Ampharosat the Glitter Ligh… ... Surge manip is slightly better, get triple electric more, but Jasmine manip is a bit worse. Go to the Pokemon Lab in Pokemon Stadium 2 2. Pokemon Stadium 2 video walkthrough guide. Remember, we're not talking about a way to beat Jasmine, we're talking about the way to beat Jasmine . 21 videos on playlist. I would record the first trainer and maybe the second, but the third and fourth trainers are hard. (How embarrassing.) Pokemon Stadium 2 GLC FAQ: Q: Why are you using ? A hack to change the movesets of all the Rental Pokemon. As for where to train, try the route just ahead of olivine city or if your fire pokemon know an attack that handles water pokemon like thunderpunch or headbutt then train in the water towards cianwood city. It wasn't so much another Pokemon game as it was an expansion of the Game Boy games. Top 25 Hottest Video Game Girls of All Time, Full list of GTA Online Missions, Payouts, and Rewards, Pokemon: LeafGreen Gameshark Codes (Pokemon LeafGreen - GBA), CheatCodes.com's Top 10 Best Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats, All Cheats to Spawn Vehicles in GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V - X360). To get around this, choose Croconaw, Aerodactyl and Delibird. If they started with Mankey, keep using Hydro Pump till it dies. Pokémon Stadium 2 allows players to use second generation Pokémon in the third dimension for the first time, among a variety of other Poké-centric activities. A new feature of Pokémon Stadium 2 is Earl's Pokémon Academy. Released back in the year 2000 for the Nintendo 64 gaming system, the game features tournament-style turn-based combat. Tested on Project64 and Everdrive 2.5. For steelix try fighting type pokemon as he has a double weakness to them. Picnicker Cyndy I beat team rocket. 1. What's sweeter than victory in a Pokémon battle? Yes, it's the same crazed fool who wrote the Gold/Silver FAQ. You can trade drowzee for machop on 5F of the department store. This hack aims to improve the sets. Trainer- Gym leader Jasmine\rDescription- This is the sixth gym leader and Jasmine is the only person in the gym leader. "CHEAT CODE®" and "Official Cheats Source™" are trademarks or registered trademarks of gamerID Network LLC in the United States and other countries and may not be used without permission. When the opponent starts to charge, either Fly up high or Dig down out of harm's way. To unlock a hidden 6-on-1 battle with Mewtwo, beat the Gym Leader Castle and get trophies in all 10 tournaments in the Stadium Mode. A Pokemon that cracks through her steel defenses. Go to the PC and select Pokemon 3. change the box to one of the N64 boxes 4. These are done through two different features. Dodrio (M) Item: Burnt Berry: Name: Type: Effect: Drill Peck: Flying: Damages the target. There are now two Gym Trainers, Gentleman Preston and Lass Connie, but they won't battle the player. Only basic Pokémon that can evolve can participate. Unlike other Pokemon games, the Pokemon Stadium franchise does not contain their own story-line, rather, they have their own series of tournaments known as cups. Participating Pokémon must be between Level 25 and Level 30 and combined level must total 80. After you've beaten all of the Cups (including Rival Cup) and the Castle, you will unlock Round 2. Using this tactic, you should be able to beat the whole team without getting a scratch on your Pokemon. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the Gym has changed, more clearly reflecting its Steel-type theme. For example the belly drum glitch is only in GS, and I think there's a glitch in cartridge related to phazing a sleeping pokemon (can't remember what it was exactly) that was fixed in Stadium 2. 2. Nearly 250 Pokémon! Pokemon Stadium 2 video walkthrough by Yoshiller. Hundreds of Pokémon in Three-mendous 3-D! All rights reserved. just to say the best team for prime cup (with rentals) would be Fearow, sandslash,kadabra,wobbuffet, corsola, … Load up the game, and go to Oak's Lab. It should be an Electric Steel type. Heavy inspiration for the new sets came from the site ‘Smogon University’. Second, try to have a Pokemon of each type, and if you can choose a Pokemon with two different moves, like starmie which has a water and electrik move, that would be better. I've managed to beat R1 Elite Four/Lance with sheer luck, but their Round 2 version is simply driving me nuts. As of 21st Feb 2019: Using Zapdos on Misty instead of Pineco/Bella/Raichu. Jasmine appears in Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver as the Gym Leader of the Olivine Gym. Use Rain Dance to start, no matter what they lead with. re: best pokemon stadium 2 best prime cup team! (YAY! Her title in these games is \"The Steel-Clad Defense Girl.\" She also appears in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.Jasmine is a shy girl who has trouble speaking. Scroll down to read our guide named "Walkthrough" for Pokemon Stadium 2 on Nintendo64 (N64), or click the above links for more cheats. This just makes no sense to me, Stadium is all about raising a whole bunch of pokemon past level 50, on your gameboy, in different combinations and strategies to try and meet the unreasonable challenge of the game, but you don't get the ability to do … Once you beat Mewtwo, you unlock a new game mode, Round 2 mode. I hate them but I'm not sure if I'll be skipping or recording it. This mode has you go into a set of battles which represent each of the eight gyms from Pokémon Gold, Silver & Crystal. Pokemon Stadium 2 FAQ/Walkthrough Written by Donald ([email protected]) Started on June 21, 2001 Finished on August 3, 2001 Version 1.1 Remember me? All other brands, logos, and/or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Transfer Pokémon from the Red, Blue, Yellow - even Silver and Gold - versions of Pokémon for Game Boy. Victory in a 3-D arena on the N64! And to face electrik pokemons, you should have a rock or ground type pokemon. On the final battle, you will face up against the leader and, once defeated, can proceed to the next gym. Trainer- Gym leader Jasmine Description- This is the sixth gym leader and Jasmine is the only person in the gym leader. Jasmine uses steel type Pokemon and she switches Pokemon a lot but sometimes unsmartly like the part when she just switched her Pokemon and then ended up fainting. It's a good Pokemon in Pokemon stadium. It turns out that the game is horrendously long and you have to beat it once on each difficulty mode to unlock triple speed for gen 2 games. 1. Alias: Pokemon Stadium 2 Developers: Nintendo EAD, HAL Laboratory Copyright © 1996-2020 GamerID Network LLC. For me, Jasmine's pretty easy.\rNext- After beating this gym, you'll advance into team rocket. (no spamming healing items, or setting up 6 x attacks.) 3. Pokemon Stadium 2 is a game that was released for the Nintendo 64 as a sequel to Pokemon Stadium. Beat both the Gym Leader Castle and Stadium modes to change the title screen (in addition to the map mode). Grr.... Now I have to record them. Instead of being a full … Jordan's Pokemon use two-turn attacks like Skull Bash and Solar Beam. Pokemon Stadium 2 Walkthrough Nintendo 64 By Justin Ridenour aka Rolent X Version 0.1 03/29/01 E-mail: [email ... Chinchou, Dragonair, Golem, Politoed ***** Olivine Gym Leader Jasmine ***** Pokemon: Steelix, Corsola, Magneton, Mantine, Skarmory, Forretress Choose Houndoom, Golem, and Chinchou. Put the Pokemon you want to trade into the N64 box 5. I'll have to try. First, you should use Starmie. Take one of the 2nd gen games (G/S/C), and put it in the transfer pack. The new title shows depict Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur and Mewtwo. Also use Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, and Celebi in Prime Cup. Rules: 1. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes.com first! Or play with Rental Pokémon … Starting tomorrow!) The map screen will now turn to a night scene and a bonus tournament will open up in which you battle against the psychic super-Pokémon, Mewtwo (#150). Must use as few items as possible. Pokemon Stadium 2 is a turn-based strategy game based on the Pokemon Franchise. Tri Attack: Normal: Has a ~20% chance to burn, paralyze or freeze the target. Unlike the Gym Leader Castle in the first game, the amount of trainers you face off against in each Gym varies. Of course the biggest ones are the existence of sleep and freeze clauses. Since 1996, CheatCodes.com has been the world's #1 source for game cheats, codes, guides, hints, news, and tips for Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One (X1), Wii U, PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360 (X360), Windows PC, iPhone, Android, Facebook games, and more. First and foremost, it was 3D. No switching or sacrificing. You can even see the Pokémon you've trained rendered in 3-D and ready for battle! Beat them to win a prize: a Duduo sticker for GB Tower, which will allow you to play your Gold and Silver games at double speed. Jasmine is a teenage girl with milky chocolate brown eyes. Help with Pokemon Stadium 2 Elite Four and Lance Round 2 with RENTALS Yup, I'm one of those guys who still play Poke Stadium 2, and I've recently made it my personal goal to beat the game using only rentals. in this episode i finally beat leader jasmine. This area takes on the appearance of the Pokémon school within Violet City in Pokémon Gold, Silver & Crystal and acts as a means to teach players about all the various aspects of battling in the Pokémon games. Put your magnemite into the storage. Well, I'm back and worse than ever, with the Pokemon Stadium 2 guide. Participating Pokémon must be no taller than 6'8" and no heavier than 44 lbs. Prizes: Once you beat all of the trainers at Johto Castle, you will be taken to Kanto to face eight more. She is compassionate, and when Amphy, the Ampharos in the Glitter Lighthouse, falls ill, Jasmine looks after it. However, I beat Jasmine with an Ampharos, Feraligatr, and an Alakazam. (How embarrassing.) How dumb of her to switch into Steelix. Set your strategy then stand back while your Pokémon battle it out. Rules: Cannot be over-leveled ( like max 28).

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