1. Dwarf Flowering Trees to Plant in Small Spaces. The bark is gray-brown and cracks into small pieces and the leaves are dark green and oval, growing to a length of 10 inches and a width of four inches. Is there a miniature saucer magnolia available from a Canadian source? Magnolias are a stunning & stately tree with varieties that grow anywhere from 10-30’ high & 8-20’ wide, ensuring there is a Magnolia for every landscape. Several dwarf magnolia cultivars are available now, with more on the horizon, that allow homeowners with tight spaces to take advantage of these eye-catching trees. Flowering trees are a beautiful addition that bring color, wildlife, and shade to your yard. A dwarf southern magnolia with smaller dark green foliage and a very compact narrow form. However, it usually does not extend past 10 feet tall. The saucer magnolia is a hybrid of the Yulan or Chinese magnolia and the lily magnolia (a large shrub), both of which are native to China. Saucer magnolia grows 20 to 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide, producing large pinkish-purple flowers in early spring. It has nearly equal spread. We have the best selection in the GTA. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! This big-name magnolia is very popular in northern nurseries and gardens. The bull bay magnolia, also called the Southern magnolia, is native to the southeastern United States. For one thing, magnolia trees do not heal as well as most trees from pruning cuts (which can lead to the introduction of diseases), and, for another, you can easily spoil the looks of a magnolia tree by getting carried away in pruning it. Try telling that to a tree! Know which variety of blooming bushes, perennial shrubs, and evergreen plants are drought tolerant. She is currently an editor for a national technical magazine focusing on the construction industry. Plant your Ann Magnolia in a spot in your yard that receives full sun. There are over 200 known species of magnolia tree. Opening from pale pink buds, masses of exceptionally large, pure white flowers, 6 in. Learn how to grow dwarf shrubs in front of house, small yards, and patios. They are compact, deciduous, low-branched trees that will grow to a height of 20 to 30 feet and are cold-hardy to Zone 5. If you need something that stays very small (about 6-8′ at most), Black Chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) is a native (and very hardy) option that offers pretty apple blossom like Spring flowers, nice sturdy leaves that turn a good fall colour, as well as black berries over the Summer. Test Garden Tip: Do some research before buying a magnolia to make sure you have the best selection for your climate. Many homeowners pass up magnolias because of the trees' size, however. The yellow flowers of ‘Butterfly Magnolia’ when opens fully… The large, glossy, evergreen leaves have rusty-brown undersides. Another of the top magnolia trees in zone 5 gardens is the cucumber tree magnolia (Magnolia … Truly captivating when trained as espalier against a wall or fence. Magnolia Tree Height & Watering. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Caroline Fritz has more than 20 years of writing and editing experience, mainly for publications in northwest Ohio. Start a magnolia tree from a cutting. The bark is gray-brown and cracks into small pieces and the leaves are dark green and oval, growing to a length of 10 inches and a width of four inches. The compact size of dwarf trees makes them the perfect choice for patios and smaller backyards. Carolina Silverbell (Halesia tetraptera)is another showy, native, Spring flowering tree, with pendulous white flowers. I have seen images of the Little Gem, but it seems more of a bush than the elegance of a magnolia tree. Sign up and receive exclusive offers, including promotions, tips, events and more. The tree flowers in the spring or early summer and the white, pink and purple-pink flowers are five to 10 inches wide. One of the best magnolia trees for zone 5 is star magnolia (Magnolia kobus var. This means that when young they will grow by a foot, or even 2 feet, a year. across (15 cm), with a slight touch of pink appear in early spring. An early bloomer, star magnolia takes its place among the most beautiful of magnolias in zone 5. After planting, you can mulch the surrounding soil to conserve moisture. Of those species, three are found in Canada: the cucumber tree, which is native to Ontario, and the saucer and Bull Bay magnolias, both of which were introduced to the country. The tree can reach a height of 100 feet and its brown-gray bark is rough with vertical grooves, according to the Field Guide to Trees of North America. The best way to spruce up your space and add life to your yard is by planting trees and shrubs. There are over 200 known species of magnolia tree. https://ontariotrees.com/main/species.php?id=2035, https://www.nanps.org/index.php/gardening/plant-of-the-month/105-plant-of-the-month-silver-bell-. JOIN OUR eCLUB. A charming, compact form of the Star Magnolia, award-winning Magnolia stellata 'Royal Star' is a large, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub or small tree of great popularity. Its large, waxy green leaves stay green all year and its hard, heavy timber keeps it from breaking in all but the strongest winds. A naturally small tree or large shrub perfect for small gardens. Dwarf Alberta trees stay comparatively small for quite a few years, so many people plant them in big containers. It’s mature height is still in the roughly 20′ range, a pretty good sized tree. This species is extremely variable in size, shape… The tree can reach a height of 100 feet and its brown-gray bark is rough with vertical grooves, according to the Field Guide to Trees of North America. Magnolia liliiflora 'Nigra' is a spreading deciduous shrub or small deciduous tree of rounded habit with deep lustrous green leaves and slightly fragrant, dark reddish-purple flowers in late spring. Little Gem Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’) A prince among trees, this dwarf southern magnolia has lustrous dark green leaves that are cinnamon colored underneath, making them very popular in holiday decorations. Popular in gardens, all types of magnolia are prized for their shade. Create a beautiful landscape for your front gate or plant a majestic 30-foot Norway Spruce in your backyard with the Ontario tree suppliers at Caledon Treeland. Very attractive, large, white, fragrant blooms. This tree is usually seen flanking entryways, which gives off a formal look to the front yard. Blue Wonder Blue Spruce (Picea glauca ‘Blue Wonder’): This sweet little spruce is winter hardy … Star magnolia (Magnolia stellata), hardy in USDA zones 4 through 8 or 9, is a mini-magnolia tree that usually only reaches 15 to 20 feet tall. With some exceptions, pruning really is not widely considered a must (or even desirable) for this popular flowering tree. This rate of growth will continue while the tree is young, but as it approaches 20 years of age it will begin to slow down, and older trees … The flowers are followed by reddish, 3- to 5-inch long, oblong-shaped fruits displaying red seeds ripening in late fall. Part of magnolias' majesty is their size. The tree reaches a height of 80 feet and is classified as an evergreen, which means it stays green all year, according to The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees Around the World. Saucer magnolias are one of the most popular types found as lawn specimens & park trees. stellata). The saucer magnolia is a small tree that grows to a height of 30 feet, according to the Field Guide to the Trees of North America. The saucer magnolia is a small tree that grows to a height of 30 feet, according to the Field Guide to the Trees of North America. Some types, while hardy, suffer flower damage from late frosts. It can be grown singly as a stunning feature plant in the garden or a pot, used en-masse for planting along a path or driveway in a more formal style, planted closely together to form a large dense hedge, and even trained as large espaliers against a wall or fence. The trees come in a wide range of sizes, with the majority found in North America. Its blossoms are huge and very fragrant. Henry Anise (Zones 7-9): A 6-to-15-foot evergreen with soft pink flowers; Kousa dogwood* (Zones 5-8): A 20-to-30-foot tree that’s draped in snow-white or rosy-pink flowers; Lollipop crabapple (Zones 3-8): A 10-to-15-foot tree with a slender spread of bushy, white flowers; This dwarf tree is multi-trunk and can even look like a large shrub. Magnolia trees are usually described as having a moderate growth rate. Narrowly tulip-shaped, the upright blossoms, up to 5 in. Southern Magnolia has glossy, leathery, evergreen, oval-shaped leaves that are 5 to 8 inches or more long and half as wide. Here are 14 shrubs for shade or garden spots with full sun. Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) Also known as the Bull Bay, this tree grows in the southeastern United States both on and off the coasts. Check out these small flowering trees that are great for yards cramped for space. The white flowers are very large, growing up to 12 inches, and bloom in the spring. Great as a front yard tree or for screening, this extremely hardy, fast-growing evergreen features ‘baby blue’ needles. Acidic to normal soils are best, so you may need to amend your soil if it is very alkaline. long (12 cm), count 9-18 tepals, purple-red on the outside, opening to reveal pale purple insides. Offering some of the most beautiful flowers of any tree, the saucer magnolia has large blooms that appear in shades of white, pink, and purple in mid- to late spring. The fragrant white flowers are 8 inches in diameter, appearing in late spring and intermittently throughout the summer. They are synonymous with the streets, parks and historic gardens of  the Southern United States such as Georgia, the Carolinas and the Virginias. The cucumber tree is also called the mountain magnolia because it can grow at altitudes of 4,000 feet. ‘Little Gem’ Magnolia – Magnolia grandiflora – is commonly known as a “Southern Magnolia” (evergreen), and after checking it’s hardiness rating, it looks like it might be marginal in Ontario, with it’s Northernmost range being the GTA. All Rights Reserved. The fruit is a cone-like cluster, two to four inches in length, which turns pink at maturity. Here I resolve care problems reported by readers. Magnolias can grow well over 50 feet tall and nearly as wide. See more ideas about magnolia trees, magnolia tree landscaping, backyard landscaping. Planting: Plant your Jane Magnolia Tree in a well-drained area that receives full to partial sunlight (4 to 8 hours of sunlight per day). The upper leaf surface is dark green and the lower surface is often covered by brown, dense, felt-like hairs. Another group of dwarf magnolia crosses (Magnolia liliflora x stellata) called ‘Little Girls’,  (about 15′ tall), are considered a bit hardier than ‘Little Gem’: You may be familiar with our native flowering dogwood, (Cornus florida), which is a small tree that puts on a beautiful Spring show of cream or pink coloured blossoms. 'Brozzonii', a popular saucer magnolia cultivar, has large white flowers with lavender-pink bases. Our family-run tree farm has shade trees and evergreens to enhance your property. “Field Guide to Trees of North America;” National Wildlife Federation; 2008, “Field Guide to the Trees of North America;” National Geographic Society; 2006, “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees Around the World;” Tony Russell, Catherine Cutler and Martin Walters; 2007. These trees can be carried with you if … The leaves range in size from five to eight inches in length and are dark green on top with a fuzzy, pale-green underside. Cut 6-8 inches from a growing magnolia branch with a sterilized pruner, and place the branch in water to sustain it. Make sure the soil is well-draining. Sign up today! The tree is named because for its unripe seed pods, which resemble cucumbers and reach seven inches in length and ripen to a red cylinder containing as many as 50 seeds. Although this is an evergreen tree, it is perhaps most loved for its abundant and fragrant white flowers in spring. Green to pink fruit pods form and ultimately reveal orange-red berries in fall, attracting songbirds and other wildlife. Plant this cold-hardy magnolia in a sheltered area in full sun and moist, well-drained soil (Zones 5–9). It grows nearly 15m tall and prefers full sun. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate your tree’s root ball, place your tree, backfill the soil, and water to settle the roots. Dwarf Alberta Spruce Trees. A dwarf tree will measure anywhere between one-third to one-half of the size of its regular-sized counterpart. Some species grow into very small trees and can even be grown in containers indoors.

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