American Institute of Biological Sciences: Careers in the Biological Sciences, BioSpace: The 6 Most-In-Demand Biotech Jobs Right Now, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Biomedical Engineers, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Biological Technicians, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Genetic Counselors, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Epidemiologists, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Microbiologists, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Forensic Science Technicians, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Therapists. The BLS projects zoologist and wildlife biologist jobs to increase by around 8 percent through 2026. Typically, genetic counselors work regular business hours. According to the BLS, jobs for epidemiologists should increase by around 9 percent through 2026. Courses you may take in a biology program include ecology, marine biology, neurobiology, and microbiology. If you’d prefer a career as a veterinary nurse, you should earn a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Research scientist (life sciences) 9. There are over 12,076 biological science jobs careers waiting for you to apply! Nearly 40 percent work in physicians’ offices and medical laboratories. New biological science jobs careers are added daily on Biological technicians assist scientists in conducting experiments and tests on matter such as bacteria, food and the bodily fluids of humans and animals. Medical researchers conduct experiments and other studies to investigate diseases and treatments. Genetics laboratory work involves conducting specific tests. business or arts) discipline. Some biomedical engineers develop software that track the spread of infections in hospitals. By analyzing a client’s DNA test, a genetic counselor can identify risks for some types of cancer or cardiac disorders, as well as conditions such as Down syndrome in unborn children. Biotechnologist 2. The low-stress way to find your next biological sciences job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Nearly 90 percent worked for local or state governments, while 5 percent worked for commercial laboratories. They often work closely with researchers in bioinformatics. Below is an example of the types of employers that will be interested in the skill set you have as a graduate of this field. A record of journal publications and conference presentations will give you an edge in job search. Other forensic science technicians specialize in analyzing computer data. Other professional research scientist career options for biological science majors include pharmacologists, who test and develop drugs to prevent and … #careerchoices Teaching laboratory technicianJobs where your degree would be useful include: 1. Life Science Network is a platform dedicated to life sciences. He has worked in numerous industries, including higher education, government, transportation, finance, manufacturing, journalism and travel. They often specialize in the areas of environmental health, infectious diseases, mental health, occupational health and substance abuse. You might be required to know how to write computer programs as well as do statistical analysis, and will need highly developed analytical and communication skills. Epidemiologists work for universities, health departments, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and federal agencies. Check out all listings for Science jobs! A 2016 survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showed more than 21,000 biomedical engineers at work in the U.S. Nearly 40 percent work in areas of research and development and medical equipment manufacturing. Select profiles are accompanied by a short video and a teacher guide with K–12 classroom activities. Michael Evans’ career path has taken many planned and unexpected twists and turns, from TV sports producer to internet project manager to cargo ship deckhand. If you work as a medical … Filters. Login / Register. You can view our list of in-depth career profiles for Environmental Science below. The microbiologist’s job requires keen attention to detail along with problem-solving skills and patience during long, demanding research studies. Do you love animals? Quickly find and apply for your next job opportunity on Workopolis. Anatomical pathology technologist 2. Molecular Biology & Biophysics 371. Job titles: clinical nurse specialist (drug and alcohol), clinical triage coordinator, cosmetic injector, immunisation nurse, registered cardiac nurse, registered dialysis nurse, registered general nurse, registered nurse-cardiac cath lab, registered nurse-community services, registered nurse-diabetes educator, registered nurse-emergency department, registered nurse perioperative, registered nurse (renal unit), remote area nurse, research nurse, women’s health clinic nurse. Your knowledge and expertise in biology will be useful in a career as a laboratory technician, such as one who works in a medical or microbiology lab. After you graduate with your degree, enroll in a laboratory technology postgraduate program. Their research can take place in a controlled setting such as a laboratory or in the field where animals live naturally and unfettered. Genetic counseling programs include coursework in areas that include biology, epidemiology, genetics and psychology. Biomedical engineers write research reports, develop procedures for medical technology, and train medical staff on the use of biomedical equipment. Occupational therapists help patients recover from illnesses, disabilities and injuries that prevent them from fully functioning in their normal lives. He began writing professionally while working for an online finance company in San Francisco, California. According to the American Institute of Biological Sciences (, some common careers for biologists include those in health care, environmental management and education. Source: Department of Employment, Australia 2017, © Unicurve 2020 | Terms | Privacy | Contact Us | About Us. Other Biological Sciences 384. It’s a good idea to take courses in anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology during your undergraduate degree. More than 25 percent work for companies conducting research and development, while around 16 percent work for drug companies. Applied science. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. You can also do a double major, adding another specialisation in a science or non-science (e.g. 1 - 24 of 68 job vacancies. In schools, occupational therapists equip classrooms for disabled children. Second-learning-area options include mathematics, languages, humanities and social sciences, English, design and technology, and arts (media arts, visual arts, dance, drama, or music). In 2017, biomedical engineers earned a median salary of nearly $90,000, according to the BLS. Accountancy & Finance 141. Business Studies 165. Most employers require a master’s degree or Ph.D. to lead a research team. After you graduate with your degree, enroll in a laboratory technology postgraduate program. This will … Browse 424 BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE job listings from companies with openings that are hiring right now! Pharmacologist 8. Biology majors can use their advanced mathematical skills to help assess the success of various investments. Wildlife biology and zoology programs include coursework in wildlife biology, anatomy, ecology, wildlife management and botany. Microbiologists study micro-organisms or microbes (organisms too small to see with the naked eye), such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, archaea, algae, protozoa, and prions. Are you interested in teaching biology to high school students? Pursuing a career in biology can be immensely rewarding and exciting. Nearly 30 percent worked in research and development, while around 28 percent worked for colleges and universities. The work of microbiologists plays an important role in understanding infectious diseases and environmental threats, as well as in the development of drugs and vaccines. Coursework in forensic science programs includes pathology, natural sciences and toxicology. Both botanists and zoologists come under this category, depending on their interest in plants or animals. From #pharmacology to #teaching and #botany to #nursing, there’s plenty to do with a #degree in #biology. Higher education lecturer 3. Your state may also require you to obtain a license to practice. Laboratory Technician. In 2017, microbiologists earned a median annual income of around $70,000, according to a BLS survey. Some biology careers require an undergraduate degree, while others demand advanced degrees in specific areas. Epidemiology programs include coursework in medical informatics, health care systems, statistics and biological sciences. Indeed, if you’ve decided to major in one of the in-demand STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields, you’re likely on the fast track to a rewarding career. Find the best offers for Biological science jobs in South Africa among 69 job vacancies listed. Majoring in chemistry may lead to a career in pharmacology, teaching, or environmental science. A Career In Biology. Job titles: anaesthetist-staff specialist, consultant-general physician, consultant-obstetrician and gynaecologist, emergency physician, general medicine physician, general practitioner, hospital scientist, infectious diseases physician, medical oncologist, neurologist, palliative medicine physician, physician, rural generalist, staff specialist-geriatric medicine, staff specialist-endocrinology, staff specialist-immunopathology, vaccine scientist. Biologist work with wildlife, marine life and vegetation. The low-stress way to find your next biological science jobs job opportunity is on SimplyHired. More than 15,000 forensic science technicians worked in the United States in 2016. Job titles: clinical research associate, histology scientist, medical scientist, research assistant, research officer, research program officer, research scientist-medicinal chemistry/drug discovery, scientific officer-pathology officer or research scientist, trainee research assistant. The BLS reports that more than 82,000 biological technicians worked in the United States in 2016. But wildlife biologists may specialize in birds, amphibians and mammals. An internship with a registered pharmacist follows the master’s program. They provide clients with detailed reports about potential genetic risks and direct them to physicians and specialists who can screen for specific diseases and disorders. This program tends to be very competitive, so you’ll need to work especially hard during your undergraduate studies and earn excellent grades. To build a career in this field, continue your education beyond the bachelor’s level, possibly obtaining a PhD or MD degree. 3 hours ago. A 2016 BLS survey reports more than 6,000 epidemiologists work in the United States. Microbiologist 5. If this line of work interests you, you’ll need to demonstrate conscientiousness and meticulous attention to detail. An honours (4th year) is also offered to students with good grades. To work in this field, load up on genetics and chemistry units during your degree. Scientific research companies offered the highest salaries; colleges and universities paid the lowest wages. A curious mind and well-developed analytical skills are essential to success in this field. The best employment prospects may be with some of the larger occupational categories, including nursing, teaching, medicine, pharmacy, and environmental science. Microbiology programs often include courses in biological sciences, virology, microbiology, physics and biochemistry. In 2017, biological technicians earned a median salary of nearly $44,000, according to the BLS. Pay rates vary depending on the type of employer and biology career you choose. Bio-Link Careers and Occupations List - Biological and Biomedical Sciences Bio-technologies Professional: Job Description & Requirements Read on to learn what bio-technologies professionals do. They help their clients understand how genetics relate to medical, psychological, reproductive, and familial issues and conditions. A 24-month traineeship might also be available. A good way to transition from being a student to a professional is to gain significant field experience during your degree and to find an environmental science support job before or soon after graduating. Nanotechnologist 6. Positions for research leaders often require a Ph.D. After this, you can register with the Dental Board of Australia to begin practice. Job prospects for forensic science technicians are expected to increase by around 17 percent through 2026. They must possess good documentation skills and excellent communication and writing skills for translating their findings into reports. Association of Zoos & Aquariums;; Society for Marine Mammology; Veterinary Medical School; Bioinformatics/Biostatistics. Earning a science degree is a significant achievement, and qualifies you for many graduate jobs (including in government, academia and private business). Your knowledge and expertise in biology will be useful in a career as a laboratory technician, such as one who works in a medical or microbiology lab. Research scientists in computational biology create computer models of biological systems. Nature conservation officer 7. One of your primary duties in this career will be to use computer technology for the collection, organisation, and utilisation of biological information. After graduating from a genetic counseling program, your employer or the state in which you plan to practice may require you to pass a certification examination administered by the American Board of Genetic Counseling. License and certification requirements vary depending on the state or city in which you work. Certifications can help broaden and advance your career even when they are not required for employment. Society of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics; Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals. Technicians often submit their reports to police detectives and prosecutors and many must testify during court trials. A physician examines, diagnoses and treats patients' illnesses and injuries. If you truly love biology and want to devote your life to its study, becoming a professor or lecturer might be the right career path for you. After you finish your biology degree, apply to a graduate-entry master’s degree program (which is two years’ duration). Although wildlife biologists and zoologists conduct similar tests, wildlife biologists typically focus on studies at an ecosystem level, while zoologists concentrate their research on specific types of animals. After completing their studies, epidemiologists submit reports to the general public, health care officials and lawmakers. A biology degree is excellent background for work in this field. 12,076 biological science jobs jobs available. Jobs. Teamwork, as well as independent endeavours, are required. To become a doctor, you must complete a four-year graduate entry medical degree program. Job titles: associate veterinarian, certified veterinary nurse, small animal surgeon, emergency veterinarian, equine veterinarian, senior research veterinarian, senior veterinary laboratory scientist, trainee vet nurse, veterinarian, veterinary cardiologist, veterinarian-internal medicine specialist, veterinarian-small animal oncology, veterinarian-small animal surgeon, veterinary nurse, veterinary surgeon. You’ll need to sit the GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test) exam to be eligible for admission into such a program. Some work with laboratory test animals, administering treatments or drugs, while observing and documenting experiment results. AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Science Careers; Animal Science/Zoology & Marine Science. List of Science Careers; Jobs Working with Dogs; Medical Field. Once you’ve finished your nursing education, you’ll need to get a license to practice in the profession. In 2017, genetic counselors earned a median salary of more than $77,000. A PhD is generally required for professorial positions. New biological sciences careers are added daily on See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. Looking for more job opportunities? There are many employers, representing many different sectors of industry that are interested in the skills and knowledge of Biology majors. From now until 2026, the need for biomedical engineers is expected to increase by around 7 percent. Computational scientist Australia has a large medical research industry, supported by large public funding pools. Michael graduated from The University of Memphis, where he studied photography and film production. Job titles: bioinformatics research assistant, director’s research assistant, research assistant, research assistant-network biology, research assistant-vector and genome engineering facility, technical assistant, research support officer. But, here, we're focusing on careers where biology is especially relevant to the work. Microbiologist job opportunities to expected to grow by about around 8 percent through 2026. Their analysis can offer valuable clues about the causes of and solutions to public health issues. We've searched numerous job sites to come up with an a-z list of the 15 major types of careers where a biology degree is useful. Occupational therapy programs include coursework in physiology and biology, and most include clinical fieldwork. In 2017, occupational therapists made a median salary of around $83,000. In 2016, nearly 20,000 people worked as zoologists or wildlife biologists in the United States. Job titles: data scientist genome analysis (postdoctoral fellowship), postdoctoral fellow (imaging), postdoctoral research fellow, postdoctoral research officer, postdoctoral researcher, postdoctoral scientist, research scientist in applied biological modelling, research scientist-computational biology, scientist, senior research officer. Microbiology 292. You’ll also need excellent research and writing skills, with the ability to get articles published in scientific journals. They enjoy an excellent average salary. Job titles: biology teacher, head teacher-science, high school teacher, science teacher, secondary teacher. You’ll likely need a PhD in the field as well as postdoctoral or other experience for this job. This unique field relies on professionals with knowledge of biology, anatomy, mathematics and engineering to create equipment such as X-ray equipment and artificial human organs. To become a genetic counselor, you must earn a master’s degree. Laboratory technicians conduct DNA tests on bodily fluids, perform ballistic tests on weapons and projectiles, and analyze evidence such as shoe print impressions. Those at the top of the income scale made more than $110,000, while lower earners earned around $43,000.   Most analysts focus on specific industries, and biology majors are particularly well suited for working as analysts in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical products, health services, and environmental companies. Biological science jobs in South Africa . Field technicians collect evidence such as bodily fluids, fibers, fingerprints and weapons, and document crime scenes using photographs and sketches. Biological Science Jobs 2020: Get free notification of all Biological Science Jobs vacancies including education, hospitals, colleges, banks, schools, Banking etc updated everyday. 27 biological sciences jobs available. Most epidemiologist jobs require a master’s degree or higher in public health, medicine or epidemiology. Finance, Motley Fool and Bankrate. Sort by . Animal physiotherapist 3. After an undergraduate degree, you need to complete an accredited postgraduate program in dentistry, dental surgery or dental medicine. Relevant subjects are chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, and mathematics. Entry-level microbiology positions typically require candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree in microbiology or biological sciences.

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